and here i am.  had a discussion with some friends, about love…perhaps love.  got some advices…

they said, be cool…life must go on.  don’t do dumb and numb things.  don’t fall in love blindly.  when love choose to leave, we have to keep on living.  and searching or just waiting, maybe love is just a step away.  maybe love is far away. but, it sure is there.  only this time it’s not ours.  not ours to hold, to keep and to share.

there’s so much more in life, to be missed.  keep ur heart stubborn, but keep it soft too.  manage it.  don’t be fooled by all those sweet things and quotes about love. not everything in this world is exaclty as it s been said or written.

life is full, it s for us to explore.  to explore in our own way, alone or together.  still the fun is there.  it s on us, to share or to keep.  we deserve the best we could have.  don’t settle for the second best, so as people said.  but if we did settle for the second best, maybe we can trun it into the best, at least our best.  the best in our eyes, thoughts and memories. 

so much.  enjoy and be prepared. life is full of unexpected events.  take care.  cherish those things and persons we had. 


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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