so much is going on

i don’t really know whether this blog will last or not.  i am afraid if i’ll forget the password.. i already had a friendster blog, but i think there are somethings are not public enough to be posted there.  so i hope the security of this blog is better than the friendster’s one.

so much is going on.  my life evolved badly during first 6 months of the year.  i met more friends, a bunch of good friends whom i can always turn to…made some hot scandals, huh…made it at first without knowing that those relationship will turn into hot stuff…

so much is going on around me.  friends left, friends got married, friends had babies…friends flew.  for better.

had a relationship.  had to break it up. forever and for good.

had an on going friendship.  a special friendship with those 300 something people.  funny right? 300 something? nevermind.  those who understand will understand.

boyfriends? i survive so far, without one.  lucky me.  anyway, still hoping for a boyfriend. it’s a girl’s dream. 

life? enjoy it.  at least by the time i post this.

job? being one and only female officer here,  i get used to get along with those lame jokes.  and to be neglected during course or seminar is a common thing.  i am needed to manage things, and when things are going on smooth, they tend to forget me. complain? no. i am not that sort of people.  maybe i’ll fight but now i just want to sit and watch. until? until someone realize that i am in the office…

enjoy the first.  more to come. 


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