we don’t really plan it, right?

“i am not going to be at the AGM. u knew it, right?” that was how the conversation started. the one that set me in not-so-good mood.

i thought i am going to that AGM.  our department annual meeting.  i was supposed to be one of the high committee.  but, my name is listed for an HR course.  at the same time of the AGM. what can i do.  my immediate boss-we call him Mr. A, ok? had agreed to let me be in the course.  so i think this course is better to be in than the AGM, but since i am the committee, i had to forsake this chance to attend the course. u see, when i am to attend any course, there will be something blocking my way.huh.

for example, on the third week of August, i was supposed to attend a seminar, but because the workload is mounting high, my big boss (Mr. D) didn’t allow me to be there. yes, as other officers are away…and there is no officer in charge of the office, so they placed me here.(in the office) hah whatever…i get used to this.

luckily, i had friends to turn to.  never mind if some of the guys (105ers) tend to make fun of my innonceneness, it was fun and relief to tell them and then, listen to their comments which are hardly useful…but i will be having nice laugh with them.

something’s coming up. so gtg.


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