break up make up

heard from a gal pal, she broke up with her boy friend yesterday.  hmm. this news influenced me, badly.  her boy friend did many things to make this relationship up.  so did she.  but feeling can’t be fooled.  the love is not there.  the relationship is going on because of the years they had together. once.

the years when they are their number one. he was the one for her, and so she was the one for him.  her x told me if the girl stay in this relationship, based only on sympathy, then he will let her go.  he doesnt want this girl to suffer, and to sacrifice herself for someone else. he just wanted her to be happy.  but the girl won’t go away, because she’s so guilty.  gulty of leaving her long term and loving x boy friend.  the boy friend she loved so much before she knew another guy who does love her the same.  but this new guy is more sensitive to her feeling and life.  the guy she combfortable to be with. hmm

so i told him, life must go on.  if love doesn’t stay, we also have to move on.  memories linger. that’s what they are for.  to remind us of what we’ve gone through. 


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