really need this..(i thought)

i was so tense this morning. i just didn’t know why. i had no mood to go have breakfast with the usual corum. maybe because the late-late night outing i had in two straight nights. and the workload is abusing me…felt like i had to take care of  everything in the office…

we had the usual wednesday morning meeting this morning. and with the progress of everything, there will be troubles coming along.  and yes, i had to manage and deal with those things… feel so tired. both physically and mentally.

i just want to curl and rest now. if i closed my eyes, for sure i will be drifting away. no of course i can’t do that. i had so much work to do…

anyway, to my abang, selamat bertunang! wish you happy always. don’t quite believe he’s gonna get engaged so soon. after all that happened. (don’t know why am i so damn excited about this.. 😛 )

to my awak, i miss you, so much. wish u were here. why when we were apart from each other the emotion will be taking things over? why are we so damn playing with our ego before? i don’t know why, but yesterday i was so confidently addressed u as my long-distance boy friend? :p hope u don’t mind. miss u dear.

friends, i am really grateful for having u guys around me, to lean and to turn to, happy or sad, we’ll stick together. love u guys. thanks for being around.


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