things are easier said than done?

so that was said by too many people. please take it from the positive side. hmmm tak tau lah..kadang-kadang cam give up with these matter. not love, please. (i always set a hi-prospect on love..)

it is about my job (not really MINE) actually.  not that i hate my job. i really love MY job, especially when there are too many. cause i love doing the thing that i LOVE..

cam semalam rasa cam nak nangis pun ada bila KP talked to me outloud and a bit rude.  of course it was about another officer’s job. (let’s call him EPAL).  epal is now in australia, for a road safety (of course) course. he went there and leaving no trace of the report that KP asked him to prepare.  so yesterday, (at 5.45 pm) KP was mad when he realized all he had was the first draft of the report that was done by epal. (read : First Draft, dated 2nd November). so i was forced to break into epal’s room (lucky i am the one whose in charge for the office’s keys) to find any soft copy. and yes, there was none. so epal’s director asked me into his office and once again, i had to lend my ear to listen to boss’s saying that epal should had done this, done that..(hey, i am not epal, for God’s sake!) so yeah as the most junior staff available (read : it’s 5.45 pm daaa) i just listened. (without willing..)

hmm conclusion : i had to bring that damn first draft and retype whole pages that KP ammended before. (Luckily there were only two pages…) and to do revision and summarize them (my 25 pages report and epal’s  8 pages) into a simple 6 pages memorandum. and luckily i had them done before lunch hour. and today i did all i can to avoid myself from my KP and epal’s boss. but, hey they are the bosses…so yes, you knew it..i had to face them anyway. huh. but guess what, my KP said “well done, aishah!” after seeing and checking the report that i’ve prepared.

i love doing the things i know i am good at. heh. so does everyone, i guess?

yeah…for more good job in future

2 thoughts on “things are easier said than done?

  1. the after work meeting that we’ve had at mamak precint 9 is good enuff to cheer me up…thanks for being around and lending ur ears to listen to me.

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