Tak suka…

Letih kan kalau tetiba ada officers dari other dept. yang tetiba je just came and asked me to do this and this and this. They don’t even bother to ask me what I am up to. I mean, please have some respect. I can help you, if I can. I am trying here. I’ve had enough mess with my own things, there you come and told me to do this, this and this. Hallo! I am working here (on my things)..

Look, in this two weeks, I sacrificed all the chances to go on a course in order to focus on this money thingy.  You don’t even ask me do I have enough time to get them settled. You just told that the Big Boss (BB) is gonna ask and get mad. (Shut up you stupid phone!) I know, I mean it, I KNOW that the BB will get mad. But hey, the thing you’re asking is not for the sake of our small department welfares! I have to entertain all the things that the states asked about all the financial things. All the virementtes has to go this week! THIS WEEK!!!!! And I still can’t get it done! Huhu.

The account will be closed on 15th Dec. (IN TWO WEEKS time) I just don’t want to give a d*amn about all the stupid stupid things of the donors. If they want to contribute, just contribute. They will get automatically get the tax exemption, I guess.  If there’s no contributer, then what the heck of me doing the papers now? I mean, I WILL do it, but first thing first, ok?

I just couldn’t afford to pick up the phone and listen to this crap;

Cik Aishah, bila dapat duit ni?

and me has to say;

We are doing it. We are trying to get them done. Will get it done this week.

So, there I have to get them done.

I don’t like it when you ask and ask. Just come and see me. See me doing my work. See my desk (which has no empty space even to put a pen…) 😦

Okay, I AM BUSY.



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

10 thoughts on “Tak suka…”

  1. erm…aku selalu gak tny;
    “cik/encik bila leh bg payment aa?
    x dpt penuh, half pun ok per…”

    aku rasa, perasaan P.I.C tu mesti cam echah ni..


  2. fadh, i am trying to hold on nih..explode pun kat blog jer la…

    buzzybug…tq kerana memahami..

    kak nana…kalau dalam bidang tugas, i wont mind…memang kerja kita kan..and am really trying to get them done anyway…
    sama2 faham kan…sama2 nak siapkan kerja masing2…it wont hurt to have a bit empathy though…huu..

    erm…baru lepas meeting. dah promised BB to get them all done on Friday. good luck to me.

  3. i like this post..u’ve help me to transform my feeling towards the other officers who acts like your friend(?)..and one of my job is to give my promises..eg: ok,. jap lagi siap..ok esok siap but in th end i’m the one suffer a lot from my promises…

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