I am down with some flu and coughing effect which left me eye watery most of the time. The temperature is below zero, perhaps. Is this some kind of training before sending us to be diplomatic in outer states? Hehe. You wish! and of course, the odd of getting it is hmmm…either no or never…

Okay, that’s just the mukadimah. Psikik? This is how the story goes. (Imagine the lines were via sms, okay?)

Me to Paris.

Sent Messages.
11-Mar-08 12:48

Lunch gapo, mi? aku ngan saly nak gi nandos kat masjid. Join?

11-Mar-08 12:50

Kbtlnye…Aku pon…Nak blanje jimi n hadri sbb tulun aku tkr tayar ha tu…Psikik tul kita ni…

That’s all.

Great minds think alike. Heheh. πŸ™‚


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