Grapevines! I love the fire fighting syndrome by Datuk D. It was brilliant!

So, there was a news, or the grapevines distributed by fellow friends about the promotion. Heh. I am not that looking forward into it. I don’t think I am as enthusiastic as others, at least. Not that I am not excited or ambitious enough to get excited by the news, but hmmm…I believe the time will comes. It’s only a matter of time.

It’s only a paper that will come in my tray..(where’s my tray?) to confirm that I am a step further to the much awaited promotion. Huh. It doesn’t involve any increment in my paycheck, not that I can I recall. If it is there, it will be in August, perhaps. Hope so. I need the money. Frankly. Who doesn’t? Even the rich would work anyhow to get richer. What more a marhaen like me. With the rise of price of everything. Sure, the people need more money than usual.

My Big Boss (BB) demands me to stay, so it seems. He was saying and directing as if I’ll be staying in this department forever. I guess there’s no way I am gonna get my butt out of here. Sometimes I think I like it here, but at much more other time, I wish I could learn something new any where else. But when I look at my Small Boss (SB) and his commitment (which is critical than mine) I do think I have to stay and help him. Sometimes it crosses my mind to think that the BB is crazy. Excuse me for that. But there are time when I feel like I wanted to cry doing the work.

BB is now holding the promotion of one of my seniors. The senior had his new placement in KL, at another department but somehow BB would like to retain him, insisted in calling and pleading to the Jakhidam in order to retain my senior. Huh. Pity my senior. It seems that my SB is gonna face the exact same situation when it comes to his promotion.

I could summarize that being here, I could just watch and process the trainings and courses the specialized officers attend, in or out of country. When it came to my field-related-courses, I had to sacrifice them because I just have to be in the office. How was that? Pathetic right? I was busy running here and there processing their flights, their fees, their claim of whatever but then I have just to stay in the office when they are attending the course.

Anyway, I am just an officer managing the finance, not some genius of this department’s main responsibility. I can go to any course organized by any department or Mins so they said. But when the time has come, there’ll be some noise like “Oh sorry Aishah, we can’t let you go, no officer’s incharge, so you have to be in the office…” and I would say, Whattheheck, in my mind, of course.

But, when talking to friends, I realized that I am at better place, at least than some of them.

Rezeki ada di mana-mana.



Others OZF’s view on this issue…read : era and abang hilang akal


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

21 thoughts on “Grapevines!”

  1. Thanks aishah for tagging my “fire-fighting syndrome”.. it is just merely a fact that all assistdirects bear right now..

    Insya Allah.. our promotion will come.. It is not just “a matter of time” anymore. The time is Here. And it is “NOW”. Regardless of what or how it is going to be. :). Chill out buddy!

    Early Congratulations to all OZF members.

  2. kak echah, seriously.. r u really doing the “processing their flights, their fees, their claim” thingy?? Kenapa tak suruh diorang buat sendiri claim.. as far as I concern.. claim2 tu semua kerja kerani tapi kalau tak nak susahkan kerani, buat sendirian berhad.. nak process tiket flight, itu semua kerja unit kewangan.. biasa emel je cc kewangan n diorang akan bookkan.. tunggu tiket tiba atas meja masing2 je. They shud ask u to do something more seriousla.. which wud reflect ur current post.. tak patut betul..

  3. kak nana…promotion tu..entahlah…

    datuk d, thanks back to you.

    adik pieja…i am managing financial. kerani2 tu my staffs. they are my responsibility…flights, claim, bukan sekadar kerja kerani…nak anjur something kena ada kelulusan…dan di position ini lah segala papers dan kelulusan itu, diri ini lah yang membuat permohonan…bukan terus boleh decide atau delegate kepada staffs, buat itu dan ini…lagipun, bukan kah kalau diconcludekan…semua itu berada di bawah perhatian dan tanggungjawab ku…

    mamawafiy, i know u understand this.

    to OZF (105ers) yeah, congratulations…

  4. cacah ni sign perakuan pertama, bukan dia yang buat claim2 orang yang mengelaim ittew…

    gua buat claim – hantar kat kerani cacah – takde query bleh proceed – cacah perakuan satu – bos cacah perakuan dua – sain baucer – lepas 7 hari dapat duit..

    tul ker?

  5. en.azhar…jadi BB? uhuu…biarlah 20 tahun lagi…insya Allah..

    abang hilang akal, more or less betul lah tu. abang memang mantap, beri pernyataan dengan contoh2 sekali. patut lah periksa ari tu resultnya cemer..oopps!


  6. owh.. peraku pertama.. ok la tu.. ingatkan kena buatkan claim untuk sorang2.. coz kalau ikut perangai saya, claim untuk diri sendiri pun tak sempat nak buat.. lagi kan nak buat untuk orang lain..

    oh yes, congrats for u future promotion!!

  7. promotion? lame lagi kot…

    but holding someone’s promotion?? that’s unethical. you shouldnt’ stop someone’s progress in life.

  8. promotion? lame lagi kot…

    but holding someone’s promotion?? that’s unethical. you shouldnt’ stop someone’s progress in life.

  9. en_me, takpelah…we live what we have lah…kan?

    fadh, tak nak delete komen ko…ahaha…

    BB in some way, is crazy, nak slashkan post tu jadi 44/48. whatever lah… :/

  10. ahah manalah aku tahu…maybe sebab mula2 ko klik kirim komen, tu macam tak de progress, then ko pun klik lah sekali lagi…takpun wordpress giler sekejap.takpelah…

  11. but holding someone’s promotion?? that’s unethical. you shouldnt’ stop someone’s progress in life. <– ko belum kena lagi, memang siak kalau kena

  12. 28 February so is the date? KPSU (PK) cakap tadi, dah masuk mesyuarat dah pon. don’t know whether to laugh, smile or anything. huhu.

    harapan masih lagi harapan. 🙂 sabar jelah. praktikkan dan tingkatkan skill dan pengetahuan di mana yang perlu.

    keep it up, 105ers!

  13. promotion… no komen.. hahaha…

    eh, minyak naik lagi ke utk thn ni?
    maaf la ye, saya ni tetiba jadi katak bawah tempurung plak.. hari tu isi minyak lupa nak tgk brp harga.. hehehe..

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