Move It,Move It!

I am moving out from my current office to a more comfortable and private (hope so!) office.  No I’m not getting any promotion yet, but it’s just a random move for good, hopefully. My new office was left empty for almost 3 months, so I asked my SB if I can move there. The other bosses’s too. I have to get their permission, who knows they want that empty office for a new comer officer. Gladly, they said no problem.

I don’t know if I’m changing my direct line. Hopefully I don’t have to. By/on Monday, I have to;

  • call the SPM to change my direct line/extension
  • call the IT Dept. to settle everything about the data/files/folders etc
  • deco this (more to pack and unpack)
  • trash out the old documents and papers (mine and the previous owner of this office)
  • trash the unusable pens (there are so many of them) 😦
  • get to do my job as usual…

While packing all those small items (read : request card from DPA’s time, door gift of friends’s weddings) I’ve found a card, if I am not mistaken, it came with a lollipop request for me, that said;

Be true
Be nice
Be sincere

It was from a guy friend.  It got me thinking. Was I very playful or very unsincere that he dedicated those words to me? Friend, if you read this, do you remember that you wrote those words for me?

Hmm..that’s all. There’s so much to pack/keep/rearrange since it’s a new year.

Have a good weekend guys!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Move It,Move It!”

  1. ahah..sorri lah akak, ecah tak berapa berkenan yang itu. yang ini pon okaylah…

    p/s : bukan ramai yang bertuah melawat blog ketika dalam proses penukaran background. huhu 🙂

  2. the art of wishes, it made u think and reflect, apa maksud ucapan ni ek?

    be happy! <- adakah saya tidak happy?

    be nice! <- ooohhh! adakah saya tidak nice?

    and the list go on.

    but at the end of the day, amidst the ups and downs, i think, it’s much better we take things at their face value.

    husnu zzonn, chah..


  3. hai shida!
    it seems the wishes made u think a lot. never mind, those words are good for self reflection, but please, don’t take it big.
    you can’t please everybody, right.
    have a nice day! 🙂

  4. betul kata ecah, ucapan tu amat elok utk self reflection..
    jgn amik hati sgt dgn ucapan tu..
    org yg bagi kad tak bermaksud utk menyindir ecah..
    kdg2 kita suka share something good dgn kwn2 tapi kwn2 ingat sebaliknya pulak…
    btw…it’s a nice verse to think of…

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