Berangan sekejap…

Minggu ni agak stress rasanya. Ya, masih lagi ada masa bermalas-malas di blog. Biarkanlah. It’s a way to chill. Sebenarnya nak kongsi kata bintang dalam Malaysian Today. Mungkin lewat. 14-20 Februari. Tapi masih valid rasanya. Hari ni 20 Februari kan? 🙂

A little pushing and pulling of the heart strings and you will have who you want well positioned for your next romantic move. You can seal the deal of love by making a commitment.

Hmm…berangan itu best. Lalala…


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

18 thoughts on “Berangan sekejap…”

  1. nolee bintangmu berkata…

    you will be captivating plenty of suitors trying to catch your attention. get out and meet and greet and play the game of love with confidence.

    tak seswaii ngn status mu! haha 😛

    buzzybug, glad u’ve got the same POV..ahaha..berangan memang best!

  2. kak nana besday bulan november kan? huhu…
    macam pembaca ramalan bintang2 je ari ni…tapi takpelah…kang menderhaka pulak…sagi kan?

    your best chance to meet someone who can keep up to you and keep you amused will be attending somthing that interests you. a common interest will be all it takes to spark love…

    hamboi…ada apa2 ke kak nana…hehehe 😛

  3. owh ooo scorpio kah..okay ni pulak bacaan scorpio…

    you can enjoy the company of someone who is loyal, dedicated and very different from the people you have dated in the past. choose your partner for substance, not good looks.

    sori ek kak nana… 🙂


    A simple woman who always show what kind of a moods she is in. You can tell right way if she up set, or if she is flirting with you. She displays herself with her act much more than trying to say it for it’s in her character.

    A Scorpio woman has her own mysterious personality. She is confident and deep down inside she is quite proud of herself. She hates to think she is borne a woman and so limiting her with a certain social acceptable rules. She is a real woman and despite her innocent and childish looks, she has a spirit of free soul. Many men will make mistake if they think she is a good follower, they are wrong.

    She thinks being a plain simple housewife is boring. She likes to have power and control over other people, but this will be only her secret, so you will only see a cute woman. Every things she does will look good, and she has all the woman’s trick you can think of. She can manipulate men without they knowing it.

    If you think she going to do everything you say because she loves you, then you will be disappointed. She could be a little tomboyish and she can understand you by just looking in your eyes. You may say sweet words which could sweep any woman, but not with the Scorpio woman. She will use her X-ray eyes reading your thought of what you just said or what you are going to say. She always smile and she can really hide her feeling.

    She will constantly show you that she loves freedom. If she has freedom, she will not leave you, but will even love you more. If she wants something, she will do everything to get it. She has her own sixth sense of people and you can feel that energy feed back when you around her. She likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will also respect and feel proud of that man. A man with power over her should not threat or challenge her confident. She likes to have a good looking , strong and healthy man especially if she start to compare with her friends’ boyfriends. It is a plus if he hold a degree or a good career.

    She is a hot lady. She likes heavy music. She either loves or hates, there are no “fond of”, or “like” for her. Love has no “may be”, or “perhaps”. If she is real mad, she will trash and throw things. Her wind storm can sweep all her dishes and you could get accidentally hit on your head for this matter. Be calm, it is just your grand mother favorite china for she has good quality as much as her bad tempered.

    Sometimes she shows her weakness, but it won’t be long. She will put herself together and back to be that hot chili again. If she loves you, it will be no matter what other people may say. Her relationship will be more important than what is right or wrong. Because of this reason, you may know some Scorpio woman become a second wife, a mistress.

    She is spoil, but she allows her love one to over power her. Dating this woman, you should not keep old love letters in your pocket or in your house. It could be a love letter 2 years ago, but never mind she will argue about this since this is a big deal for a suspicious woman. Remember she has a temper of the shrew.

    If you play a cold war with her, she will treat you likewise and double it. If you stood her up once, she will stood you up 2-3 times. She is quite fair in justice, so she can accept your apologies as much as she can pretend to accept things for now and wait for a pay back revenge in the future. If you are nice to hear, she will double that to you as well. A real fair woman.

    She likes to make and spent money. She likes to have fame and reputations, and never let herself broke and have no name at the same time. She is too proud and will not accept status of being “Poor”. She loves to have face, so if you are a manager with small salary, she will be proud more than more money being a truck driver. She hates to think and she can not stand a feeling of being a “Nobody”.

    If you like her, play a little hard to get. This will excite her a bit. When you go out on a date, set your schedule, but do not let she knows that you have planned this for weeks. Always go to pick her up on time or better to go 5-10 minutes early.

    **** ni akak amik dr file yg ada kat dlm NH ..

  5. lupa bintang ida sama dengan nolee 😉

    em, takde sape2 pun yang datang menjenguk dan mengoratku? :huh: macam mana nk bermain-main game of love?

    apa-apa sajalah.. lalalala…

  6. kak nana ni mesti amik dari blog si eddie nih.

    ida, takpe…hari ni ada beberapa jam lagi…cheer up girl!

    niza, besday bile? (sori tak tahu…) nanti echah bacakan..uhuhu

  7. okay besday niza on 4th Okt so…libra

    someone will be dancing alongside you, catering to your every move but beware of the charmer who befriends you this week. he or she may have ulterior motives. slow down and find out more.

    ermmm…takingcare niza…air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya…ahaha 🙂

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