Soon to be…


Β I went to the Admin just now. With a letter, the penangguhan, written by my current boss (bos yang kool= BYK), to pass it to SUB. The SUB anyway, was not there, he attended a discussion, somewhere in PKA. But I met KPSU (PK), the one who produced the appointment letter that I received yesterday.

When asked whether I was happy or not, I can’t really describe the feeling. Part of me relief, for getting the chance to learn something new. Part of me, sad and sorry, for the need to leave this department, the staffs, the boss, especially the BYK.

The current staffs, they are the ones that keep me sane here. I could always run to them whenever I wanted to cry or just to share any news, happy or not. Despite all the warm things we’ve shared, they still respect me. Sometimes they confide in me as well. They understand me.

Anyway, the soon to be staff and boss are alright too. They seem excited to have me at the dept. Anyway, the office (for me) is not set-up yet. There’s no space actually. As the post is new, very new indeed, but I’ve got the list of staffs, about 4 staffs to help me out with the things. The environment is rather cool as well. But to place myself in such a higher post, well…maybe a little complicated, as I was known to them as berjiwa rakyat gittew. Haha.

I can’t simply huha huha with the staffs anymore. I guess.

There’s no huhahuha time anyway, but all work and no play make me a dull officer, isn’t it? So let’s pray I am going to make it, wherever I posted to. Preferred by the boss, respected and prefered by the staffs too.

Good luck to me.

ps : I am still unsure if I am really going to the new dept. This is what I am feeling right now.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

11 thoughts on “Soon to be…”

  1. all the very best luck to echah!

    don’t worry too much.. tawakkal je la. go with the flow, like i did~

  2. sorry, haven’t been here for quite some time. ni kira naik pangkat ke apa ni? anyway, all the best for your upcoming future. aku rasa boleh je nak huhahuha asalkan jgn sampai org bawah hilang respek.

  3. zuriaf, thanks!

    en.lazuardiblue, takpe…thanks for leaving a comment… lebih kurang naik pangkat lah… huhu…

    jimmy, yelah…nanti baby mu lahir kita collect duit pullowk deh! πŸ˜›

    sally, insyaAllah. kau tu sure buzy nye eleh! πŸ˜›

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