Here I am!

Hi! Guess I am so busy today! New place, new things to learn. Well, no internet connection some more. Now I am sitting at some other staff’s desk. She went home already. It’s now 5.30 pm. My boss had checked the task he’d given me earlier. So now I can have my me time. Hehe.

Basically, I like it here. Wow, I have a course to organize this week. And nextweek I’ll be in Kuantan for almost a week. Only to be back here on Friday. Wonder if there’s any wi fi spots there. Okay, that will be a week in future. So better focus on this time.

Okay, gotta pen off now. Tata.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Here I am!”

  1. narcissuslover, huhu….i’ll be checking in wordpress every now and then still…

    kak nana dan niza, teruskan lah jenguk blog echah…hehe…walau bizi mana pon, insyaAllah echah update

    fawuq, semalam saya guna pc kak nab…sekarang ni saya guna pc rumate saya pulak, dia ke LPK…, bro, thanks for the lunch!

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