Updates dari Kuantan!

Hey, wish u all miss me already! Of course I miss you guys! ๐Ÿ˜›

There s nothing much I can do here…Well, I arrived here on Satruday evening, very tired. The hotel staff apperently forgot to prepare new towels for me so I have to wait for almost an hour before taking bath. Else, I guess everything’s fine.

Oh yeah, my staff and I are the only secretariat for this workshop. And of course we brought 3 very heavy boxes all the way from emotie (with the helps of drivers), touch down at kuantan airport. Funny that I didnt even know that each boxes can only weigh maximum 32kgs. So there, I had to open up the two tightly salotaped boxes and transfered some items into my staff’s bag and mine, at the check in counter. Lucky for us the person in charge was very patient and kindly helped us. Huhu.

Today, the courses began today, this morning with very much havoc at first. Me and the staff are very new to this unit and of course there’s too many things I failed to do the best. Because I dont really have any idea of how this system works. Poor me. The jabkhidam’s people seem dissatisfied with me. I was never told there’s so many things to get done. The hub, the cable, the network, the dummy network, the datas, the procedure. Oh, help me! I was close to cry…*really! huhu…

I called the some colleagues at emotie to check things out but they told me that, in the many previous alike ย courses, the emotie doesnt have to really take care of the technical part, that’s why they didn’t know that we(the secretariat has to prepare the above said items.) Plus, there’s even no IT person from emotie with me to guide me on the network and lcd and cable and hub. Luckily people from hotel and some particpants were happy to help me.

The jabkhidam’s people didnt show me nice face at the frist session (so do I) I cant stand the fact that they sort of scolding my staff. We both are new to this procedure. (They should know because they knew the previous secretariat very well. Okay, they could have talk nicely, and they are supposed to help us. They even get paid doing the talk. Huh. Sorry.

Anyway, we get better as the sessions progressing, thank God. I couldnt stand to pretend to smile. Hehe. Anyway, we are fine now.

I know I am still learning so the other participants. Anyway, thanks jabkhidam (even they didnt read this) for preparing the step by step notes. Tq. Very appreciate it.

Kay guys.

More to come, perhaps.

Chiao for now! Muah!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

14 thoughts on “Updates dari Kuantan!”

  1. waaahh~ sempat update di Kuantan… ๐Ÿ˜‰ 1st time mmg slalu havoc… so, ok la tuh… everything will be better nanti~

  2. niza, thanks banyak2! hope2 next time, will be better..

    kak nana, haha…lebeh kurang lah tu…

    shida, hmmm what to do, it’s the ups and downs in the career…

    t.a.t.a, mesti, I ve got time! hehe (macam iklan astro maxx tu…)

    faruqy, nothing is special until it’s gone, terpakai tak dalam menjawab komen kau? haha..i’ll be back in the office on monday! ๐Ÿ™‚

    oren, thanks!just what i need to hear…hope you guys doing well without me also…hehe…

    miss you all! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. ohoo kiranya kamu ni special lah ye? okla boleh terima la. but next week aku pulak yang takde for the whole week. isnin cuti, selasa sampai jumaat kursus kat KK..

  4. ala keciannya…tapi takpe, kesilapan kan pengalaman yg mengajar utk langkah seterusnya….tapi aku tau kau org yg positif…kan…

  5. laa…. aku ingatkan mu gi as participant…
    secretariat rupanya… isk isk isk..
    never mind .. bese laa tu..
    first time… u’ll get better on the 2nd and third and seterusnya nanti…

    pastuh nati bleh blaja wat bengkel yang 2 kali kene last minute kensel cam retreat aku..
    belajar menebalkan muka.. hehehe…
    gila 10 inci tebal dah..

  6. paruk, patutlah…aku kol xdapat2…taufik,sally pun tadak agaknya…huhu

    zahack, jabkhidam heheh

    mamawafiy, tulah…belaja2 la kan…

    huuu nolee..aku pergi sbg participant dan ursetia sekali… ๐Ÿ™‚

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