Rindu II

Remember this post on Rindu?. Well, there’s someone who dropped such nice lines of poem in the comment box. I hope you guys will love it (as much as I do) He/She deserves the credits, and I just don’t want the creativity to only get stuck in the cute little comment box.


aku rindu kamu,
aku sayang kamu,
aku cinta kamu..
tapi di mana kamu,
mengapa kau menghilang,
mengapa kau buat
aku terseksa begini.
aku bukanlah pohon jati,
tidak sekuat tsunami,
tidak juga segagah halilintar
membelah bumi.
aku tak mampu hadapi semua ini
aku perlukan kamu,
kerna kaulah segala-galanya
bagi diriku,
janganlah kau menjauh
dari diriku lagi,
hidup dan matiku,
hanyalah untukmu.

Hey, don’t get too influenced by the lines anyway. There’s gotta be more to life!



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

7 thoughts on “Rindu II”

  1. i hv a way w words,
    swirling them in my thoughts
    in a bid 2 express beautifully what i really feel..

    there r nights when i thought of how much i miss u,
    wanting 2 reach out n let u know that i nvr forget.
    only 2 wake up in d morning to realise
    that i’v fallen asleep
    n nvr did get 2 send d words across..

    did u realise how much i’m hurting
    when i nvr got 2 talk 2 u again?

    i feel empty.
    so empty
    because i felt i lost my heart w u
    n nvr 2 hav it returned 2 me..

    And it felt much worse
    that it seems
    i also lost a fren
    along w my heart.
    he’s charming, intelligent, proud n kind.
    d 1 company a person would want 2 hav
    s they grow old together.

    i stil remember how he comforted me
    when i was crying in the office,
    it all felt like a dream lost,
    not ever a reality.

    i’d like 2 think that i’m also his fren,
    perhaps though that would b asking too much.

    is it?

    m i much too foolish 4 being unable 2 unlove u stil?

  2. shida, it is better to get those words published in your own blog. well i appreciated that you chose to paste it here, anyway.

    good words, dear! cheer up. it his loss, not yours. you’ll find someone better! šŸ™‚

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