When the phone goes off…

I went to Alamanda with Fish to accompany the China goer, TM for his [bekal] shopping. We shopped at Carrefour, where TM bought so many types of instant food. Rendang, sardines, curry, maggie [mandatory], ketupat nasi etc. It was fun. Hehe.

Met Khair. Ironically, when Khai asked me and Fish what are we doing at Alamanda, [he told me he had date and he told us also Guess is sale-ing] heh, both of us answered almost serentak [can’t find the word in english now]

me : boyfriend
Fish : pakwe

Then we both laughed. Hehe. I don’t know. That’s what suit him [TM], kut.


The plan was kind of funny because we couldn’t reach TM when we arrived at Alamanda. He told us to meet him at 6 but he didn’t show up and didn’t call us until it was almost 7 pm. He then told me that his phone’s gone off already and he just had enough time to write down my phone number on a paper. Then I was like, okay, we’ll meet you at Levi’s at 7.30pm.

So Fish and I killed our time by browsing the shoes collection. Alamanda, [read : not much shoes collection] so hmm we went to MPH instead.

At 7.30 pm sharp I made my way to Levi’s and saw no sign of TM. I was so close to become menyampah when I saw him at the other side of the middle ring. Huh. Lucky him.

We finished shopping, [I let him used my phone] and I walked around with Fish. Because, we girls tend to lose ourselves in shopping places, right. So in order to lose sight of TM, it is better to let him held a [working] phone la kan.

TM told me that he’s going to fetch jujurina at the airport at 10 something. We [me and Fish] offered to accompany him [considering that he wouldn’t reach juju without phone at klia]. So of we go to klia. Unluckily, juju’s phone has actually gone off too. Dang. And the three of us couldn’t reach him as well. We waited at the airport for like an hour, only to find out that juju’s already home. Poor us.

Actually, there was a mobile charger in juju’s car [TM drove juju’s car] that suit TM’s phone, but being TM he didn’t give much attention on whatever things in others’ cars. It was me who found the charger and told him to try charge his phone. It was after he turned his phone on then his housemate called and told him that juju’s already home. Hesh. You are so TM.

p.s : Always keep your phone working. 🙂

p.s : Can’t wait to see you [you know who you are] guys! I am so having to clean the house. You girls don’t mind a sweet kind of messy house right? After all, orang bujang pun je kan? 🙂

p.s : We made TM to try to send us postcard or at least maintain a blog while he’s away. Heh.

7 thoughts on “When the phone goes off…

  1. lawak2 nama kawan2 echah… jujurina laa… apesal jujurina? adakah dia seorang ballerina? hehehe… i thought jujurina tu pempuan… ^^;

    oh! alamanda memang sangat ketandusan kasut…

  2. Phew! I’ve experienced living without a phone. You gotta be VERY punctual!

    Sekarang, suami aku belikan phone yang sama untuk aku dan dia. Kebetulan, ayah aku pun ada phone tu. Kini, tiada lagi masalah telefon tidak bercharge (semata-mata hilang charger dan charger yang ada tidak ditemui; kedai pula tidak lagi menjual charger sebegitu). Huhu.

  3. i will be away too .. don’t ask where.. for 3 weeks .. Insya Allah .. dun worry, will bring back souvenir, or at least send u a posto .. pls say hi to jujurina .. (aku rasa jujurina tu aku yang bagi nama .. nama sebenar jujurina ialah juju ..huhu .. sangat nama sebenar ..)

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