It’s five, not four eh?

Rushing and reaching
Praying and talking
Waiting and walking
Buying the popcorn…

Friends are coming
Greeting and hugging
Been long time since last meeting
Starting to count…

One, two, three, four, five!
OMG…I bought only four movie tickets!

Don’t make a joke
It’ll make me choke
Ready already the popcorn and coke…

Friends are running
People been approched
Tickets must sell

Tickets sold, stomach empty
Having the seat at AnW
No idea what we are having
Sneaked out and head to Pizza Hut instead

It will be a memory
Memory of two damn nights

Exhausted but fun
We would never forget.

Friends, thanks for the laughs and the stupid things we’ve done.

p.s : Not many people will tolerate this incident I guess.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

13 thoughts on “It’s five, not four eh?”

  1. ahahaha..nice poem and nice ryhm too…best sangat..cute jer..nasib baik kaorang beli tiket 4 je instead of 5..kalau tak kita tak jumpa kat pizza tu…teddy tak caya usin tu budak batch kita..dia kata alahai cutenya..mcm baru form 4..hahahaaa

  2. mama…nasib…ahah. glad to see u n wafiy also…
    nice wafiy, met uncle hussein.

    medcham…entah la…ala ala rhyme gitu…

    faruq, nanti aku cerita detail…

    buzzybug, entahla…heheh. 🙂 apa2pun we’ve had our fun.

  3. faruq, my version? I guess it’s until the story is too lame to review baru aku nak post kut. hehe. tunggulah. i’m gonna upload some photos as well. rilek. wey, lunch yuk! nasi ayam kampung!

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