Baby’s Birthday.

baby first gigi kekal hehe
baby first gigi kekal hehe

Today is my baby brother’s birthday.

He’s the youngest in our family. So we call him baby. He is a boy though so we are worry if we are going to call him baby forever. Even the younger cousins call him Abang Bi. Hehe. His real name is Fariz Naim though. Sometimes friends at school call him Baby as well. Hehe. Luckily he s got no problem with that. Not yet I think. Wait until he is older. Now, today he is 8 years old.

I remembered when I was in matriculation at Penang, that one day my father smsed to tell me that I have got a new brother. That was in July. Having spent most of my teenage year at hostel, I was freaked out (no kidding, I was shocked) when I went home for holiday and saw my mum’s tummy. Oh, another brother or sister. I went on sighing. Poor my mum at that time, but now, I am so blessed to have so many brothers and sisters in family. Hehe. Hopefully they will all turn into good people yang tak akan menyusahkan ma and pa and me also. Hehe.

baby...harap2 hensem la bila besar nanti πŸ˜›

So, dear Baby [though he is not reading this], Happy Birthday. And Along loves you… πŸ™‚

playing with the brothers. bi, faiz and ie.
playing with the brothers. bi, faiz and ie.

Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

14 thoughts on “Baby’s Birthday.”

  1. hai baby! (auwww.. masa umur dia 18, kalau still panggil baby sungguh la cute hihihi)

    happy bday! dah besar nanti jadi kacak okay! ingat pesan akak.

  2. alah takyah tunggu 18 thn, i think he is handsome oredy la…mungki kiut lebih sesuai buat masa ni..heheheee..

    kim salam besday kat dia…..

  3. ni ke adik echah yang nak aksesori tepon yang saya bg kat echah tu? i should buy him one laa… tp, kena pi carik kedai tu balik… hehhe…

    happy birthday to him… semoga membesar dengan sihat & kuat… hehe…

  4. tata…hehe…tu gigi kekal lah…bukan gigi susu…

    buzzy, ah ah…tolong belikan. saya carik kat sini [mines je] tak de dah la…

    knizam and all…baby cakap thank you! πŸ™‚

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