When you asked me,
“where would you like to have drink?”
I’d say, that cafe by the lake
Then you told me
“I was about to suggest that place too..”

When you asked me
“What were you thinking?”
I gave you that look
Then you told me that I was not there
It seemed to you that I’ve been drifting away
I told you that I was looking at that child
Looking for her mom
Walking down the stairs

Actually I lied to you
I wasn’t even thinking about that child
It was you on my mind

I was thinking about you
About you and me
About us…

But, I just didn’t know
Why when you are in front of me
The things that I’ve been trying to say
Just fade away and gone…

I need miracle.

p.s : Those who understand, will understand. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Remember?

  1. Dear Aishah,

    Kadang2, sebab kita tak terluahkan apa yg kita nak luah adalah kerana kita tak nak mengganggu sesuatu yg tenang. Kita tak nak ganggu ‘keadaan’ itu. Yang akhirnya, kita sendiri yg melayan perasaan, memendam rasa.

  2. frens, there’s always something to say anyway. No matter how the story is, there will always something to think. if this dont happen, why, if that do happen, then why? There’s no ending of questions. Let’s pray for the best and of course, work for it. 🙂

    thanks anyway for the words. 🙂

  3. saya paham ke? paham laa kot… hehe…

    kelu lidah tidak dapat meluahkan… sweet la echah… i’m sure, one day u’ll have the courage to say it… hehe…

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