Kawan2 Lama.

Lepoh, Pansoon, Hulu Langat.
*got this pic here http://www.malsingmaps.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1742&start=10

“Banyak lagi lubang lain yang kau ignore selama ni. Go gal!”

I think, that was the most inspiring quote for my weekend. Hehe. Thanks girl. You know who you are. So, my weekend was fabulous, minus the lame Friday late afternoon. My mood was crushed by a birthday cake. What the heck.

I came back late from office [I didn’t get to go jogging as planned], I arrived home minutes before 8. I chose to lie down and think of what had happened and why I was so sad. After getting some inner motivation, I chose not to be sad, I deserved to be happy. So I texted Azy to ask her to join me for dinner. I picked her up and we drove without a confirmed destination. Finally we arrived at the nasi air place, but unfortunately there’s no nasi air pun that night.

Bored, I texted one of my old friend and asked him to bring more friends to join me and azy for dinner. That was late, at 9 something. Luckily they managed to come. I was so thankful to get to talk and laugh with them. Dinner, talk, and next we were at mines having bowling games. That was so nice! I won, of course. Hehe. That was quite an evening, though unplanned. One of my friends, Pojoe asked me if I was interested to join him and other kids of OB [my former affliation while I was studying at UPM] to go recce a track at Lepoh, somewhere near Sg. Congkak. I thought I’d like to go but, anyway…I didn’t think I am fit enough to go for tracking anymore. So I told him that I’ll keep the plan in view.

Saturday was kind of lame. I woke up late, to find nolee had already gone out. Lunch was maggie goreng accompanied by hot tea o and rerun of ANTM cycle 8. Until at 4 I decided to go wash Jiji. Jiji had not had her proffesional bath since May. Haha. So I send her to get washed by the pro. [some foreign workers near home] hehe. I’ve met a nice and cute guy there. We talked but nothing more. But it’s enough to make my day. Haha. Hopeless. [hopefully I can meet him again].

At night I went out with my schoolmate. I’ve had fun going out with him. Hehe. So funny. Besides we’ve known each other since form one. So many things to be talked about. Full of laughters. Wonders some of the naughty boys can turn up to be nice guys. Haha.

Sunday, I went tracking! I felt so old [compared to the eager early 20s OB members]. I kept taking break after 10-20 minutes walking. The tracking took us about 1 and half hour to get to the 2 tier waterfalls. It was so nice!!!! There’s a pool and the slide where we can slide in and drop into the pool. Best! Best giler!!! But as usual, I forgot to bring along my nikon with me, so there’s no pic to prove my adventure! Sorry.

We spent almost two hours there and went down, stopped at a dangau durian owned by a villager to have some durians. Fresh durians yang baru gugur!!!! It’s cheaper up there! Nak turun lagi senang, boleh lari2 sebab turun bukit jer kan. But my legs hurt today and it was such a pain to wake up this morning. I have to exercise more.

Argh! That was a very good weekend it seems. And it was unplanned.

p.s : Hopefully you guys had fun too! Have a nice Monday! Take care.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

19 thoughts on “Kawan2 Lama.”

  1. After getting some inner motivation, I chose not to be sad, I deserved to be happy.

    yeahh!!! that’s the spirit!!! u memang deserve to be happy!! keep the spirit sampai bila2… its ok to be sad sekali-sekala… just utk muhasabah diri… the rest of the time, lets be HAPPY!! 😉

    i had an unplanned weekend too. and it was awesome! when with frens, even the simplest thing akan jadi sangat best, kan??

    that’s the power of friendship, i guess… 😛

  2. inner spirit?

    coolio! dah2 la sedih. takde makne nya. tah2 orang tu dok sedap2 makan nasik kat umah.

    hihihihi. (ini motivation aku ni)

    relax aishah. be happy okay!

  3. it s good to hear that everyone had nice weekend. hehe.

    chot, satu jer…i forgot my camera la…itu pun i kidnap dari google images jer. hehe. 🙂

  4. tengok gambar tu terasa yang saya dah lama tak bercuti ke mana2 air terjun la. last sekali pegi air terjun kota tinggi yang famous tuh. hehe 🙂

  5. itulah cacah.. mau ngajak kamu ke temerloh.. tapi gayanya tidurnya nyenyak sekali.. lagi pulak ada orang itu kononya mau gerak pukul 8 pagi.. itu yg aku tak kejut tuh..tau mu tidur lambat malam itu.. sori yaa…


    anyway nice to know u had a nice weekend..

  6. knizam, itulah selalu bercuti pergi makan jer..hehe..cuba lah lain kali lepak kat air terjun….hehe 😛

    cicak…tak taulah bleh mancing ke tak…tapi ikan memang banyak yang kecik2 lah…kitorang siap letak roti kat celah kaki then biar ikan2 tu dtg gigit sikit2…hehe..best, macam terapi ikan yang dekat klcc ke kat mana tu rasanya…hehe…

    nolee…owh…hehe…tidur aku memang nyenyak sekali..heheh..

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