How was my leave?

It was a decision made in hurry, luckily the bosses approved my leave. I haven’t had a day leave to just kill time, practically if it’s leave, then it involved the long hours drive/hitch-hike to my hometown. I’ve been sleeping everywhere as well this week. Heh.

On Monday, a friend kindly gave me a lift up right to KLCC after office hours [read : stucked in the traffic jam that I haven’t exprience mush as I’m staying in SK and working in Putrajaya]. We reached  KLCC [thanks for the fun and enjoyable ride, despite all the jam-jam thing] and my good friend Nana fetched me there and took me to the Impiana. I stayed there, lodged in some rsd staff’s room.

RSD had organized an international seminar so I was there, basically just want to spend time away from work [as I had been working so hard la kan. heh] and get to eat nice food. [I ate sushi for breakfast and lunch. hoho] But the Impiana’s sushi are not as good as sushi king la, even jusco’s nicer…. Anyway, they had nice and yummy cake [read :cheese] and other things la…

having lunch with [the camera shy?] soleha
having lunch with soleha


after the seminar
after the seminar

I was back in Putrajaya at 3 something yesterday and managed to get azie, the then rsdier as well to join me and soleha for a quick drink at Warisan.

I had nice time la, with u guys.

p.s : Na, I knew u’ll be reading this. Thanks for the time spent at KLCC and thanks for the introduction to the pasta and pizza milano…sedapnya….Entah bila la can I get to KLCC lagi… [wah, macam duk jauh benar…haha]


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

15 thoughts on “How was my leave?”

  1. Entah bila la can I get to KLCC lagi…

    hey! i’m the one who should say this laaa… hahahhaa…

    laparnya. haven’t had my lunch yet. sedapnya pasta… cheese cake. woww~

  2. sushi ke tu?

    duh.. dah lama tak gi KLCC walaupun rumah aku dengan KLCC tu 5 minit je sampai. reason being: parking mahal gedebak.

    i’d rather enjoy midvalley 😀

  3. faruq…owh…dah la cute, baik, caring pulak tu… 😛 hehe…

    en_me, amvoiiii…. 🙂

    AyUmi…sushi memang the best la…

    medcham…sushi tu yang sekerat dua skit tu…aku gi klcc tak bawak kete pun.. ari tu member aku park kat depan impiana tu flat rate rm6…tapi jalan sikit la kut aquaria tu…ada pedestrian tunnel..bleh exercise sekali… 😛

    aku kalu nak soping kat2 rumah jer…kalau nak berjalan2 tu blehla lepas ke belah sana…midvalley dah dekat setahun tak gi kut…

  4. seminar yang ni echah saja2 ikut, my name was not listed pun. i just took leave and went to KL. nice outing anyway.

    btw, what’s with the har har har…i didnt get it la t.a.t.a…sory… ;P

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