Ramadhan at home.

I went back to my hometown on Saturday [27th Sept] , early morning.  Reached home at about 10.30 a.m.  Since it’s Saturday, my mum was about to go to market, to do her weekly shopping. She asked me to tag along, but I had to refuse, telling her that I really need to sleep, I’ve been driving for about 6 hours.  I felt bad but I was so exhausted. 

My mum and brothers went to morning market and I, slept.  When I woke up it was nearly Asar [yeah, I am the sleepy head].  Took bath and prayed.  About 5 pm something, I drove my baby brother to find my favourite juadah for break fast.  Yes, murtabak.  Since I was a bit tired, I just went to the nearest murtabak stall available. Heh. Bought them and drove little deeper into my Bukit Sireh territory to visit some old neighbours and friends. 

The makciks and pakciks and friends were happy to see me. I am a good villager heh. After having short updating and asking about their children, families, I made way home. 

The next day [Sunday, 28th Sept], I went to see my grandparents.  Drove there in Jiji, bringing along my brothers since my parents were still working on that day.  Had break fast there and we [my siblings and I] went to Kok Lanas’s Param to find what, murtabak of course.  My parents arrived minutes before break fast.  My mum told us that my father brought too many murtabaks home only to find out that we siblings were at our grandparents. Haha. So they decided to go break fast there. Hehe. So we had double dose of murtabak on that day. How nice. I didn’t even eat rice that day. Yep, I lurve murtabak beary much. Huhu.

Monday [29th Sept], went to Kuala Krai’s Param…of course, in search of the bestest murtabak ever. Haha. It was easy. We assessed it via observation, which stall had the longest queue. Hehe. And it works. We had our best murtabak on that day.  So on Tuesday [30th Sept], I went to the same stall again. Haha.

Okay, it was all about murtabak….


I’ll put the pictures later.

p.s : Happy besday to Lan. :p


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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