K, this one is for you.

Okay, the K above is for okay at first, but anyway, it’s usable for khair also….

As promised…hahah so many memories we’ve shared together, but here I am, just finishing the meeting and couldn’t get to send you off.

I knew I couldn’t make it before you enter the whatever process I don’t know lah…

But remember these,

i was the first girl out of your family who’s got the honour to be the passenger of your precious ur ur
we’ve been commuted together from sg.besi to office, for almost everyday, for almost 4 months
u’re responsible for my first big purchase, the laptop…acer jawa sempron…
u gave me the personal loan, in our first months working because i was overlooked when you and other guys had already received the first paycheck…. rm200… thanks so much…
the shopping together….during first months of working [using our first gaji]..haha
the drive in search of mamak at putrajaya during first 3 weeks of working, couldn’t find it then we went to UPM instead hoho…
the drive, kononnya nak lalu hospital serdang, when it [the jalan] was not even opened yet at that time…
the last time we had chicken wings together…
the many times I’ve found you sleeping in your car while waiting for me at sg.besi lrt
the fight we had thru emails 😦
the excitement when we first got our extension number, our name card etc…

ohoho..so many things la khair…

I will miss you, good luck and all the best.

Take caring. Keep on touching…

p.s : khair is one of my first good friends when I entered this service. He is now in Chennai, as a rept for JPA.

p.s.s : more on khai here

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