Here in the lab.

i need a hrmis expert!
i need a hrmis expert!

Right now I am coordinating a service profile updating.  It was a hectic session.  I just don’t know how to explain it.

I have to coordinate the profiles, and the officers involve.  Yesterday, I have about 8 officers from various departments and authority to look after.  Thanks to the two helpers of mine.  Anyway, I was lucky because most of them were experts in the module, meanwhile I am the coordinator of every modules.  There are about 10 modules with each of modules has more than 5 submodules!!!!!

As most of them are expect in the certain module, I was assisted by them as well. When asked, I would say that it was informal session, though I’ve been calling it “the training”.  So, that we can all share and learn together.

Thank God.

So, now I can discover more problems with the system. It is anyway still under maintenance of jaypiyeay!

Good luck to me and all!

6 thoughts on “Here in the lab.

  1. kak nana…thanks. will do that!

    tata, lum abis lagi. still tomorrow have to be here. anyway, i m glad. kerja akan bertambah senang nanti bila masalah dah discovered. 😛

  2. subject apa?
    module apa?..tentang apa?
    org luar bleh join tak?

    nak copy paste 1 article dari blog awak..bleh ye…

  3. ini bukan subject tapi satu system untuk manage human resource information di office.

    orang luar tak leh join. strictly for us only. hoho.

    nak copy? copy je. btw, leave us your link please. thanks.

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