The Hills

On my way back from office last night, I couldn’t help but notice that the skies was so beautiful. I even tried to capture that views with my 2 mp camera phone. However, the picture was not nice. Still the colours were beautiful.

tak clear, tapi colour dia cantik...
tak clear, tapi colour dia cantik...

Was late yesterday because I’ve been hanging out with friends after office hours. It was just a normal get together, and to celebrate fahmi’s birthday as well. He’s gonna get married this weekend, 7th Dec. Hoho.

Reached home several minutes after 7.30 pm. Watched MTV. It was my favourite show on air. The Hills. I love that show. I just don’t know why. I like it since the Laguna Beach. Lauren was the main character of the show. Last night, she was shocked to know that his ex (Jason) has got engaged, not after a very long time since their break up.

It was such a sad moment. She’s at Jason’s party, just to get to know his new girlfriend but somehow she’sĀ  punked to know the party was held to announce the engagement.

Hoho. But Lauren is strong. She can face it. I believe she’s gonna get herself a new boyfriend in next week’s episode.

Haha. I know. I watch lame tv show.

LC, from the hills.
LC, from the hills.

Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “The Hills”

  1. ah ah..malam tadi tengok kat berita jer…
    malam tadi echah keluar jugak tapi tak nampak pun smiley face tu…
    mungkin dia bleh tengok dari beberapa certain angles je…

  2. buzzy, dapat tengok gambar pun dah okay dah…

    faruq, tapi tadi aku bukak satu website tu, diorang kutuk seyh rancangan ni. tapi pehal kan. American Idol pun orang kutuk jugak.

    yang penting, enjoy! šŸ˜›

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