The Widower

another good read.
another good read.

Okay. So, I am not so lucky in relationship before. But anyways, this book lingers about a man who lost his wife, who died on cancer.  It took me quite an effort to find this book. In shopping, I will look at things and go back home. If I find myself thinking and dreaming about that particular things, I will go back to search for that particular thing.  

Same with this book. I first read it at Kino while waiting for a friend to arrive. But I didn’t buy it at first place. Only I found myself looking for it at almost every book stores I went to. Until I went to KLCC last weekend. When I bought it. It was not on display area like it used to be before. I’ve checked for it using the computer, to find it is grouped under Literature. I was amazed with myself. Apparently I could go for literature! Hoho. So much. I couldn’t find that book there of course. I went to the info counter, to recheck and anyway, it was actually belong to Fiction group. (Of course).

It was love. This book is all about love, finding ways, courage and reasons to live. It’s about Dan, who lost Carmen and left with Luna, their daughter. Dan’s problem:

  1. he doesn’t want to grief. he doesn’t believe in grief. instead of griefing he chose to spend time partying and hurting everyone that he loves.
  2. he actually loves Rose. Rose is the third person, who he knew and shagged since the news of Carmen and cancer reached him.
  3. he doesn’t believe in monogamy. which is not a sensitive issue as the background took place in holland, thailang and asutralia.
  4. he actually loves his wife very much.

I don’t want to talk about this book pun. Haha.

But to share this. It’s from Carmen to Luna.

there’s always a hundred reasons not to do something, but a reason to do it is more than enough

So true, right?  Kadang-kadang hati degil tak nak mengaku perasaan sendiri, yang akhirnya akan melukakan hati orang lain. Kadang terfikir jugak, ada ke orang macam tu. Well, nampaknya ada. Buku ini pun sebenarnya adalah dari life story penulis nya, Ray Klunn. Buku ni diterjemah dari Dutch. Background cerita adalah tentang kehidupan di Armsterdam. Ada juga part yang teruk tapi pandai-pandai lah ambil pengajaran dari part yang baik.

p.s : Finished reading it. I’m going to find his other book.


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7 thoughts on “The Widower”

  1. HaloooA teman…tolong y kunjungi dong blog saya yang hina ini… baru bikin soalnya jadi masih jelek ,,dan mohon bgt kritikannya ya…HE2X.

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