I am here, at Avillion Admiral Cove, for a workshop. I am here to represent my Department.  We’ve had worked our brain so hard, and it was such a bless when we finished our part before the deadline.  The deadline is tonight, but we managed to settle the draft at 5.00 pm.🙂

I was grouped into a bosses group. Haha. I was fine by that, I think. They had worked for so many years and, of course their ideas were all awesome. And I was amazed by their way of thinking. Somehow I am so grateful for having to work with them. But most of all, they laughed at my jokes. Haha.

Avillion is a beautiful place. The view was okay. The beach, I m not sure. Haha. What I am trying to say is, it will be better if I am here with some friends. But what to do, I am all alone here. Apart from the officemates. Luckily however for the seniors [in my group] are all cool.  We could talk about almost anything. Heh.🙂

I had fine time at the beach this evening. I was there with some staff. I drove them around. It was my second time driving around PD. It was kind of ingat-ingat lupa thing. I just drove here and there. Had some time at the beach, let my feet tasted the water. Luckily one of them brought along some jajan. So there, we sat and talked and ate. Plan to walk around the Pasar Malam was crushed, there was no parking space at all, and the police was all happy to give tickets to all the tepi jalan parkers. [is that even a word?] Haha.

 Anyway, that’s all I think. Save you guys some photos. 


some of the many yatch there. :)
some of the many yatch there.🙂
sunset. it should be more beautiful. but my handfon camera didnt do justice to the view. ;)
sunset. it should be more beautiful. but my handfon camera didnt do justice to the view.😉
forget me. it was the yatch i d want to emphasize. :P
forget me. it was the yatch i d want to emphasize.😛

Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

24 thoughts on “Di PD”

    1. hmm. tulah. kat marina tu kan ada banyak yatch. tapi orang suruhanjaya pelabuhan pulau pinang yang datang sini pun kata kat marina tu macam kotor sket. kat sini lagi cantik katanya.🙂

    1. yang tu memang best. tapi aku kat admiral cove. yang atas air tu avillion pd.🙂 agak jauh sket la. aku pun tersalah masuk kawasan hotel yang ada bilik atas air tu. hehe.

      kat sini macam panas sket. yang avillion pd tu macam teduh seket.

  1. jane…takdenya naik kapal pun huhu. sekadar menginap dan berbengkel saja.
    kat admiral tu biasa2 jer.

    oh ye sempat gak gi melawat lanun kat hospital pd. tapi dia belum bersalin lagi ahad lepas.
    sekarang tak tau la.🙂

  2. rasa lagi suka comment appear cam biasa. penat nk turun naik scroll bila ada update. serabut pun ada.

    hihi. sukati je komen. i’m sorry!

    1. kalau yang terjadi gitu. haha. memang agak sakit la.
      tengok la. that’s why echah limit to 3 thread jer. senang. 🙂

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