Warung Tenda.

*It is about Bandung. Heheh.

One of the too many warung tendas along Dago Street.
One of the too many warung tendas along Dago Street.
Warung tenda, [so it is called] is opened only in evenings.  The business hours starts from 5 or 6 pm and ends at 11 pm. It [usually] is located at the gate or front door of the famous offices which closed at 5 pm.  It is called tenda because it has a curtain-like sheets to act as the walls of the stalls. [If there are walls, since from my observation most of them are open-air].
The usual choices of menu are perfect for a late night supper.  The populars are roti pisang keju, roti coklat keju [which is my most favourite], jagung bakar masam manis masin [mau diserut?] and of course the Indomie. Last but not least, the most famous drink that goes well with any types of food you take, the teh botol.  A friend told me that the bottle used to fill in the tea, has never been washed. I wonder if this is true. I guess it is, because the taste of the tea is so special. In Malaysia, the least I could do to replace the teh botol or to find the resemblance of the teh botol is by drinking the Jasmine Tea.
roti bakar coklat keju...nampak tak keaslian roti yang dipanggang atas pemanggang, panggang atas api [real], and the cheese..yummy~
roti bakar coklat keju...


We could also find the dinner’s meal at warung tenda.  One that caught our interest on the first night we were there, was the Pecel Lele’s stall. We were all wondering what is pecel lele.  A brother who happened to sit with us at the first warung tenda told us that pecel lele is a famous dinner meal, and very much affordable. So, we include the meal as a must try while we were in Bandung.
So, we’ve got to taste the pecel lele on our last night  there.  Pecel is a thick groundnut gravy plus other spices, that is freshly prepared before us, and the lele is actually ikan keli goreng. 🙂  The fish is so fresh, that the taste still lingers till today.  I have never taste lele as fresh as one in Bandung.  Sungguh!
Hmm. My most favourite lunch meal was the nasi tutug oncom. It is very delicious!! In fact, mid, majid and I were willing to go to Pasar Baru, just to eat this meal. Hehe. While everyone else is excited to try other meal, we were happy enough just to go and eat this rice.
nasi tutug oncom. cukup pedas. cukup sedap. :)
nasi tutug oncom. cukup pedas. cukup sedap. 🙂


And anyway, above all, the price of the food are all very cheap. I like.

Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

17 thoughts on “Warung Tenda.”

    1. kak nana,
      nasi tutug oncom itu memang marvellous. 5/5 bintang echah bagi. walaupun pedas sampai keluar air mata [dan hidung], tetap echah suka.
      bukan sekadar nampak sedap tapi rasanya memang SODAP!

  1. i’m drooling over the roti bakar choc cheese. dah la choc, ada cheese plak tu. mmg heaven lah!!

    1. buzzy…itu pun favourite supper. hehe. sanggup jalan jauh2 sket sebab kat warung kakak tu yang paling sedap!
      memang sangat terasa2 cheese dan choc dia.
      nanti nak try gak buat sekali..hehe.. 🙂

    2. hehehe.. baru semalam makan home made nyer roti choc dengan cheese. kalau kat sini, try pi makan roti bakar schwanz (betul ke eja ni?) kat seberang jaya.

    1. ha sudah. kalau duta penang ni nak pergi nanti glamerla kedai tu. hehe.

      teringat first komen niza dulu, tanya pasal kat mana penang village. ingat tak?

  2. hahahaha… ye ye… mesti glamer punya kedai tu nanti… 😛
    nanti saya buat iklan free utk kedai tu. 😛

    yup. ingat sangat. apa2 pasal nama Penang mesti saya nak tau punya.

    1. memang best! makan, jalan-jalan, then makan-makan lagi…pastu jalan-jalan…sedar2 muka dah membulat…makan jer kerjanya..

  3. foods..foods… it’s all about food… i likeee… 😀

    nasi tutug oncom tu nampak macam banyak nye yang harus dimakan… pedas eh?

    1. Hmmm. I like it too.

      nasi tutug oncom itu mengandungi;
      i. tempe goreng yang sedap
      ii. tauhu goreng
      iii. ayam panggang
      iv. salad
      v. sambal terung kecik tu
      vi. sambal cili

      nasi dia macam digaul rempah yang pedas. tapi sedap. uuu. drooling sepanjang menaip ni. 😛

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