The Pain That I Still Keep

Do you still remember the time you buzzed me up in YM to just annouce that you are going to change the way your hair is done? I ask because I still remember the day. I was in my office.  You’re at yours.

I could still memorize the moment when we’ve shared the bed and we laughed, we talked all night.  As if we were the best of friends could be. 

 I could still hear the words you’ve spoken out about some boys you used to like.  About this particular guy who had asked you out, but you still want us to help you decide whether or not to go out with him. 

I could still hear what you’ve said when I was complaining about this jeans made me look fat.  I will always remember the way you love to smile when taking photos.

I could do a list of full A4 paper for the precious moments I could recall when we used to be so close to each other. 

Though  it hit me these few days back, that maybe it was only me who did appreciate all the things we’ve shared and done together.  Maybe it was me who did something wrong without realizing it, but as friends it’s cool to wake me up. 

But that would only will make things as good as before if you could forgive me for anything I have or haven’t done. 

You’ve chosen your own way of life, maybe it includes of chasing me out of your path.  Maybe. Nobody knows. 

Friend, if you happen to read this, my sincere apology is sent out to you.  Thanks for everything.

3 thoughts on “The Pain That I Still Keep

  1. friends will always be friends, unless they’ve never been one from the start.. maybe we people just need our space for a while before realising what we really feel inside..

    my heart goes to you, dear. cheer up. things will feel much better soon.

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