When driving alone

I was driving alone yesterday, going back home after a TT with mid, fami and some of their friends.Β  I’ve found out that;

  • it’s so cool to listen to heartless while driving

I went for a fuel at my favourite gas station, Esso Pinggiran Putra and I’ve found out that;

  • my eyes might be too bright and shiny that the flying insect flew through my spectacles, it might mistaken my eyes as the lights (wow)
  • I’ve been gambling when driving from Putrajaya to Esso, because the petrol meter was blinking since morning

While waiting for the tank to get full, I went inside On the Run and bought a Kosmo with this header

sperma lelaki dicipta di makmal

The cashier read it and told me,

susah la macam ni…

I smiled and asked him,

Why? takut lelaki tak laku eh?

p.s : I’m still pinched by the truth. Have a wonderful weekend.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

5 thoughts on “When driving alone”

  1. icedcham… entahlah… semua nak buat kut makmal tu. nanti takde orang yang betul2 tulen… auw!

    yana… huhu… sabar je la…

    faruqy… πŸ˜›

    KNizam, autobots membiak macam tu ke? i wonder….

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