Active Night[s]

abang johnny...
abang johnny...

I hope I could do this week nights every night. It’s kind of satisfying.

I had good dinner with friends at our usual diner on Monday. While hunting for a place to get gas for our stove, Azy and I stumbled upon fahmi, which was a nice coincidence. Fahmi told us that it would be his last week working in Putrajaya. He’ll be working in Perlis, close to his dear wife. 🙂

Tuesday night was filled with the images of handsome people, to name a few : Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. 😛 Azy and I watched Public Enemies, along with Kak Syima and Shida.

Wednesday, Azy and I [again] prepared some food to bring to office for breakfast. 🙂 Azy made a strawberry cheesecake while I cooked [less salty, less spicy but good enough] fried mee. 😐

Last night, was the most active one, I’ve got a good badminton and bowling, straight, in a night.

The best thing is, I didn’t feel as tired as I could expect. 🙂 Good!

Though things at office has been more downs than ups though. But [I believe] I can handle them!

p.s : Have good weekend! 😀

9 thoughts on “Active Night[s]

  1. sometimes when we give ourselves the chance, the 24 hours a day seems to be enough to do a lot of things without feeling tired.

    really had the most fun bowling last night. especially the last game! wah! i feel so Julie Dahlan! ha ha ha

  2. aku suke dengan semua aktiviti membendung obesiti sebegini.. paling tidak takde la menimbun lemak ngan kolesterol je.. good good! ai loikeeee..

  3. maoi… takdela.. i tak amik apa2 supplement…

    lydia… yeah… 😛

    redivivus… ayuh… pindah mai.. move it move it…

  4. abang johny sangat HOT! i was salivating throughout the whole movie because of the hotness of abg johny and abang christian!

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