Nothing in particular

I thought that I could runaway from all this mess, for trying a little harder than usual to be perfect for someone.  It has to be a mess before anything turns perfect, it seems.  And vice versa. (A perfect thing could also turn into a mess) 🙂

I was reminded before that anybody could take my place and in order to stay where I am now, I have to prove myself that I am better than anyone else they compare me to.  So, I tried and tried. For once, I succeed and for many times I fell. But I hop on and get back on the track. Or so I think.

But I’ve got the approval anyway, despite the weaknesses, they believe I can, so I believe I can. I can’t thank everyone enough for that.

And I didn’t get any leave because I have to wait for at least 28 days.

Now, the confinement period is over, I want to take leave and go back home. It’s been almost two months since I went home in Kelantan.

Yesterday I just escaped a day in the office subtly.


5 thoughts on “Nothing in particular

  1. faruq, hebat ke? biasa jer. aku kan garang macam singa. HUHU.

    redivivus, ye? thanks 🙂

    buzzy, tempoh tu dah berakhir on 5th Aug ari tu. 🙂

    shida, orait. game boling bebila. 🙂

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