Things we could bend and mend

I’ve been typing such a long [nevermind fruitful] entry for the above title only to have it gone in few seconds by a simple mistake of tapping the mouse. HUHU. It’s frustrating.

I just wonder if friends will always be friends. Forever.

I’ve wrote about forgiveness. No I didn’t draft my entry. I type as I think. Yes I do backspacing here and there but it’s just basically as it is. I am still shocked about the losing of the entry. I’ve spent almost half an hour doing it. Maybe there’s something not worth sharing [or even writing at all]. Maybe.

Well, forgiveness is such an easy word. But it always perceived as a hard, expensive, pricey word to say at all. Yet we make mistake over and over again. Because we are human. We tend and we are at risk of doing wrong at anytime. If it’s not me then it’s you. It’ s waiting to get out. It’s waiting for someone to start it. If only we could live, and forgive. Guess everyone is unique and the way we look at things are always different. To forgive is as hard as to apologize. It’s ego involving.

Anyways, my weekend was spent with family. My brother and I drove south to be with our uncle and aunt and cousins and sister. We had our time, and staying with my aunt always left me homesick. I am. I still miss them. Last night I drove to Melaka in Azy’s company to return the spectacles which my brother [unconsciously] [unconcernedly] left in my car on Monday. It was tiring, after 3 days of driving here and there. Jiji seems tired too so I awarded her with the new pricey petrol. HUHU.

My aunt had me at her tale. Her innocently misused of floor cleaner as some kind of fabric softener had me laughing. Apparently her newly purchased Serbuk Pencuci DAIA had came together with a promotional refill/travel size floor cleaner. Looking at the packaging I believed anyone could have mistaken them. (I tried googling, that’s the best of it I could get)

*Wordpress is not cooperating. I couldn’t put the image. I’ll try later.



Have a good day!

p.s : I finally redeemed my Smile points for 5kg Beras Faiza at Esso last night! πŸ˜›

11 thoughts on “Things we could bend and mend

  1. unconsciously is tak sedar diri. as in pengsan.

    imho, try using obliviously. mistakenly.

    good try. i like it when you wrote in English. it means you do something to improve yourself more πŸ™‚

  2. on the friendship part tu… heh!! saya pun keep on wondering…

    iye, maaf tu 2 sukukata je, nak ucap as if u really mean it maybe bleh amik 2 tahun kot… or even more… huhu… and forgive pun sama…

    maybe a lot of consideration involve… mcm, does the other side deserve a XXth chance? or does you, yourself deserve to be hurt again and again… tepuk dada tanya hati… πŸ˜›

    well, for me, i can’t really forgive. it’s not that easy…

  3. icedcham, aku baru jah start pakai esso awal tahun ni. mata tak banyak mana pun. tak pernah pulak aku redeem petrol.

    ida… ada gak echah ke shell. dan parkson. kumpul bonuslink jugak kononnya tapi entahla berapa je pointnya.

    datuk… aku tak brapa paham ayat mu tu. πŸ˜›

    zack, tak pe la dulu. i stia ngn wordpress. πŸ™‚ thanks for dropping by!

    buzzy… yeah. lain orang lain pandangannya. dan tak semua benda perlu kemaafan langsung. mungkin. bergantung la.

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