Teringat masa mesyuarat

A rather good looking magician. Watch him in HP advert.
A rather good looking magician. Watch him in HP advert.

It’s a good thing to have at least one friend who is working in the building you’re having a meeting. So that you could run away from that boring meeting for few minutes to chat to her/him. It (running away) could refresh you. 🙂

I was trapped. OH. That one rude word. I was involved in two meetings since yesterday. I was the secretariat for the first one so there’s nothing I could do other than taking minutes and suggestions for better reports. I haven’t done any of them (reports and minutes) anyway [yet].

The second meeting happened the first thing in the morning. I was rather sleepy after quite a late night. (TM, Paris, Fish , Shida and Iwent for bowling last night). Furthermore, the meeting was conducted (mostly) in English, and mostly the content of the meeting doesn’t really need my involvement. I was there to gain information about one of the committee I’m involving. Anyway, I have to get to know the officers I’m going to be dealing with in future. I had to create good impression because I was carrying my boss’s name there. They didn’t ask my name, they went like “Oh, anak buah Dato’/Datin” something between that la…


I changed to Data Plan. (Maxis). So I could use more Internet using my phone. It’s not even a blackberry or an iPhone or an N97 but it’s enough. 🙂

I’ve received the letter for an assessment. If I am good enough, I will get promoted. It’s like that la. The assessment is on October. Those who’ve been friends in my FB will see them (talk about the assessment) on my wall. Sorry for that. And it marked our fourth year in service. 🙂

Cheers to 105ers. (onezerofivers).

Alhamdulillah for all the good thing[s].


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

4 thoughts on “Teringat masa mesyuarat”

  1. selalunya mmg meeting berjam2 eh?

    echah dah terminate la ek wimax tu?

    i thought u already promoted?

    banyak sungguh soalan saya ini. 😛

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