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Teringat perkara yang tak berapa disukai

Here is the list of some things that I don’t really like. (That I could think of today-I won’t update the list)

  • I wrote about the other person in this blog. He didn’t read it. But he knew about me having a blog. Then one day, he passed by my desk and shouted (sort of) “HA! Blog blog! Update blog dah?!”.  Is that a cynical or sincere gesture? I take the first.
  • I don’t really hope people telling me that they didn’t like my writings. I don’t mind the fact. Just don’t tell me what I should write because you love it that way. You know what? Just keep it to yourself, until the day I ask you “why don’t u read my blog anymore?” then you could tell me that you DON’T like the stuff I write. OK? Or better still, create your own blog. Maybe I won’t like yours too. Then maybe you’ll get the feeling.
  • I don’t appreciate online banking being a little lembab and really give a damn about public holiday. If I transferred money interbankly, please don’t take as much as 3 days to get the money (never mind the amount) into the bank. Kesian my mum especially because I always transfer money on Friday. And till Monday, she hadn’t receive it yet.
  • I don’t write about things that don’t happen to me. I write things because I’m in it. And if you happen to be in my entry, what to do. You were there.
  • Tummy ache during fasting month. It hurts. HUHU. Unless the sickness make me a little lose on weight, then I appreciate it. 😛
  • I hate bad customer service. (Anything, anywhere) Customer service supposed to help people.
  • TGV online is not working very well.
  • The fact that the macaroni I’ve made yesterday wasn’t as good as the one I’ve made on Saturday. HEHE.

I am such a ungrateful person. HUHU.

Anyway, I learn to adapt. There are also many things I love in this world. 🙂

p.s : UP is nice! Go watch it. Full with family and friendship values.

p.s 2 : Thanks to 105ers who could make it yesterday. I love you guys! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Teringat perkara yang tak berapa disukai

  1. sabtu lepas, maybank2u, nak dapatkan tac pun berjam2. terus x bleh buat transaction. bengong.

    saya selalu kena bad customer service. especially with Pos Laju. last friday, I waited ~1 hour just to get my parcel. sebabnya posmen tak balik lg dr buat delivery and they stated there bleh amik pkul 6pm. I reached 6pm sharp. siap yang jaga kaunter tu menjawab plak, saying that it’s not her fault. rasa cam nak lempang2 je. and kat center tu, tak sampai 30 min, dah 2/3 orang komplen pasal how lousy the pos laju service is.

  2. I suka point no. 2.
    Ntah lah, I pun tak suka bila orang yang tak suka baca blog I, then komen-komen cakap tak suka. Bukannya I paksa dia baca blog I pun.

  3. emm.. kalu saya nak buat list tak suka ni.. rasanya mau 4 page blog.. tapi apa pun.. this is one’s personal space.. you could write, do, scratch, ignore or whatever you want.. apa pun orang nak kritik kritik lah.. itu suka deme.. tapi hak u lah nak amik port ke tak hahhahhahahah keep writing..

  4. niza…maybank2u kalau musim gaji memang takleh diharap. berjuang la nak guna…
    pasal post tu, saya tak pernah lagi ada experience yang pahit, alhamdulillah. 🙂

    kak nana… itu tak tau nak buat macam mana.

    dian. ye. kalau dia komen di page I, I tak kisah u… bagitau kat muka I pun tak pe.. tapi kalau dibawa ke merata2…

  5. en_me… iye la… apa2 la…
    blog memang untuk orang luahkan perasaan.
    i cakap i tak suka pun tapi kalau orang nak buat jugak (ikut cara yang i tak suka) then apa la yang i boleh buat lagi. kan.

    cuma i bleh kata, orang tu macam tak faham bahasa je lah. kan. bukan salah dia pun, dah i yang buat entry entah apa2.

  6. agak2 orang yg mengomen tak suke tu kalu baca blog ida, agak2 apa komen dia ek? mau muntah hijau dia setahun.

    ha ha ha ha

  7. izad… yeah… counting… 😉

    beth… tau… tapi termiss nak tukar. huhu. 🙂 nanti i update… 🙂

    mucs… my mum dah malas la… nak buka2 akaun lagi.. better i je yang buka akaun lain… 🙂

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