Teringat bila bertemu mata

anak bos mid...
anak bos mid...

This photo was taken during iftar at Oren’s office. It’s her boss’s son. Cute!

I’m going to Kuantan today. Yeay! Nanti dapat jumpa Izzah. InsyaAllah.

My Monday was a good one, actually. Apart from meeting an old friend who eventually wanted me to help him in something I have always avoid. I’m so sorry. Anyway, thanks for the iftar. πŸ™‚

I went to this new Rhythm car wash center in my neighbourhood. I’ve arrived late and the brothers were already washing and closing their premise. No luck. Anyway, being me, I asked azy to come with me, I was planning to survey the wash rate. It’s okay la. Reasonable enough for a place like that.

Then, it’s time to meet my old-old chatting friend, whom I’ve been chatting to since 5 years ago. We’ve never met in person. HAHA. Anyway, we’re not that close and it’s not that we’ve been chatting to each other for every day for these 5 years, but anyway, it’s good to see him. I was with azy of course.

We had our supper at a new Top 1 restaurant. That place was good and easy to find, though the price quite expensive. Azy told me the new york chicken wing was nice.

Ermm again, nothing in particular. Oh yeay. Thanks to Fish, Oren, Paris, Sani, Nolee, Shida and Azy for breaking fast together last night. And thanks for such a good game! πŸ˜› I lost to sani for 2 points jah!


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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