Sebab lapar kan..

baby aiman.... :)
baby aiman.... ๐Ÿ™‚

Semalam lapar gila. I was at my aunt’s, baby sitting the baby (of course) while she’s out. My car’s with my uncle, he insisted to wash and polish jiji. (quite useless since it rained heavily few minutes after that) and since I last cooked in that house, which is 4 years ago, I was not really familiar with the things at the kitchen anymore (and I was lazy too, while my cousin was well fed with some fried eggs and sausages and bread, I want rice!!!).

Though I was attracted to the domino’s brochure but then I realized that it was the last 20 ringgit that I’ve got in my wallet. Well. I was hungry. My aunt was home, at last at 4pm. By that time, I was ready to go home, kind of sulking because I was too hungry. (A hungry man is an angry man, right?) So, I just left after her arrival. They (my aunt and uncle) insisted that I should eat first before going back but being such a stubborn anak sedara, I just left. (After berbasa basi serba sedikit la of course, tak manis tinggal gitu je.)

I guess I was more in anger that I left my bankcard and IC. Yeah, I ve got 20 ringgit only and hungry. WAWA. So childish!!!

Anyway, I went to my usual food shop (kedai makan) beli tomyam, ayam goreng and kailan and texted azy to help me with rice. Azy masak nasi la. HUHU.

Then I ate (like hungry people) la.

It was until I wanted to go to jusco that night that I realized I left the bankcard at my aunt’s. Dem….. But I went to jusco anyway and swiped my credit card for 30ringgit something item. Including durian and mint.

Worse, I left my durian at the counter after paying (perhaps the customer after me took them). In short, I went to jusco again and bought another packet of durian. Nak makan sangat.

My uncle texted me to inform that I left my things at his. HOHO. I guess I’ll go to Ampang after work.

And thanks to Jaja for waiting for me. It was nice to see you once in a while.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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