thehah, mimi, baby and haikal.
*siblings and cousins, while waiting for mum at the morning market


I have always believed that my siblings are fated to marry (to be married) late. It was wrong as my brother, 2nd after me finally had the gut to bring his gf home to meet my parent.

He did bring one or two before on raya to meet me and my mum but I think the latest one is serious. He used to joke around giving us few statements but we thought they were all imaginary.

We were imagining things while he was trying to show the real thing.

My mum looked happy. I didn’t mind. I am happy for him, I prayed this one is real. I still remember his gf from school or college used to call me, reporting about him. He was lot younger back then. He didn’t take things too serious, maybe.

For now he is working, and living on his own, stable enough maybe to start his own family. I couldn’t be happier, I will help him in anyway, if he is serious about this.

I don’t really know actually. He still jokes around with us, asking my sister to tell mum that he’s serious about that girl. Mum, on the other hand, was like playing along to his game. Maybe mum was too tired to hope anymore. HAHA.

If he is serious about this, then I pray and hope that he’ll be ready, physical and mental.

Meanwhile, I went home to find that I’ll be having two more cousins next year. Two of my aunties are happily pregnant. And my cousin’s wife is also expecting. PHEW.

Me, I’m still surrounded by aunties and uncles asking about that thing. MARRY thing. I am the eldest grandchild, what else do they expect.

They are not gonna matchmake me, I supposed. HAHA.

p.s ; I reached KL/Putrajaya last night at 9.00pm, after almost 8 hours drive. Went to colleague’s house to do assignment at 10pm and slept at 4.00 am. I’m so sleepy.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

6 thoughts on “Unpredictable”

  1. i like this post. esp about the MARRY thingy.

    now, can we be the BElla and has the Jacobs and the Edwards of ours please?

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