The day I don’t want to forget

Actually I had quite a good start for 2010.

I went to KLCC and suddenly found myself and azy among the crowd in front of the Suria. We were planning to have coffee at Dome, damn we were so ngok ngek. Of course the seats of all the restaurants at the area were fully booked! And damn again, once we were out of Suria, there’s no way of going back in there, even if you’ve got yourself movie tickets at 11.00pm.

And damn again, the guards, (there were 3-4 stations) who dared to tell us, “no-no tgv is closed!” damn! I’ve got tickets in my hands for God’s sake. 3D some more. (How many damns already?)

Luckily a lady, a server at Chinoiz in the park called Nurul helped us went back in, using the restaurant as our entrance route. Thank you Nurul! Dahlah cantik, baik pulak tu!

Anyway, it was two hours before the new year.

On January 1st I managed to get all my girls (paris, oren and fish) down to have breakfast together at Teja, Precint 9. 🙂 Nevermind it was until 11 am then they showed up. I’ve had my usual nasi lemak and kopi panas. Sedap sedap tapi pedas I forced azy to buy some apam balik yang manis to cover all the spiciness. HEHE. Thanks azy!

After that I went to office to pack something. I got transfered down back to 2nd floor. I am now at a new division but that’s another story.

At 4 pm the girls and I had a very good sports time. We played badminton, then paris, fish and shida decided to go swim while oren and I decided to go to eat. HEHE. We had nice tauhu bakar and then went to just rendam our feet at the pool they were swimming around.

I went home at 6.30pm and got ready to send my friend off at lcct. He drove and missed a turn, brought us up to halfway to klia instead. HEH.

After dropping him and got myself a fair lady or snow white (I lupa) mocha chocolate drink from theobroma then I drove to Alamanda for a bowling session with my girls.

warm choc-based drink. heaven!

We played till late. Though the score was not good at all, I’ve had fun.

I love my friends! 🙂

p.s; Buzzy, here’s the link so you can drool over the chocolate.. huu…

10 thoughts on “The day I don’t want to forget

    1. shida, 🙂

      buzzy, itu drink kat theobrama chocolate lounge..ini di lcct punya… memang sangat yummy… dan kek kecil itu… choc and cheese… ada karamel di tengah2… huhu…

      klcc crowded giler, semua outdoor style diners tu fully booked… kat dalam suria tu kul 10 semua dah kena halau…

    1. that drinks. really tempting. sampai sekarang pun terasa rasa lagi kesedapannya.

      tak boleh post. best served warm. kalau post nanti sejuk. hehehe.

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