Unpublished Episode

You know, when I was in Form 2, my beloved English teacher had encouraged my friends and I to have a journal. It’s like writing anything in English, and sending them to her, so she could check our grammar, language, anything and she will leave some nice words, to cheer us up. Basically my friends and I chose to write about whatever happened to us in school. When I was form two, most of the journal were about my secret admire, my resolutions, the songs that I like and why, whatever memories.

I was so eager to read what my Teacher Lin would write back to us. I love writing too. I kept those journal like a sacred diary, didn’t dare to leave it in our desk drawer as I was afraid boys (they were naughty) would find and read it. LOL.

Well, most of the things I wrote were about friends and boy[s]. HAHA. What do you expect, I was 14!

Anyway, the things about that boy I once liked, I shared it with a friend I considered as “best” friend.Β  She knew everything about my feeling towards that boy. My. My.Β  I told her everything that I wrote in my journal. In that year, from May to Nov (It was the 2nd semester, I think), my stories were concerned about him.

Coming to the end of the semester, I was too busy with the ko-q activities, I was in choir, in banner painting, in sports, in camporee (I was so into this boy, I liked him but I didn’t approach him at all, but still I liked him!) and then, guess what, my then “best” friend had matched that boy to somebody else.Β  And I heard about this from someone else. I was so sad at that time. Frustrated, luckily I was too active to dwell on that thing. I was not in love with him pun, it’s not a break up.

But, I mean how could her! (It hurts till today, I guess. LOL).

I couldn’t be mad at her though, she’s a friend. I couldn’t blame anyone either, it’s feeling we’re talking about, nobody could force this kind of thing to happen.

But, in form two, what do you expect. HEHE.

So, there it is.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

13 thoughts on “Unpublished Episode”

  1. sigh. i also started writing journals back in sekolah menengah. stupid-stupid funny things they are when read now.

    of cinta monyet, lois & clark, my frens and daily happenings. sangat berkesan melatih skil BI πŸ˜€

    tentang friendship, there were things that “frens” did. it hurt and yet, appreciated as valuable lesson..

    apapun, we live in the NOW and look forward for the FUTURE πŸ˜€

  2. form 2…
    emm.. i still dwell on the ‘batang bemban’ and ‘semak Salak’… those are the things that i dwell upon.. oh.. i also recite all McCaully Caulkin Movies’ script.. (in which i din remember anymore).. πŸ˜€ ahaks

    1. alamak, irises ngn dian punya avatar adalah berupa kucing. sweet!

      irises, wawa… kan baru form two, tapi dah galak suka2 kat boys.. πŸ˜›

      ermm again, what do you expect?

      dian, mccaully culkin? ohhh tak ingat. the only significant movie that I remember watching it during dunhill double (malam jumaat)at hostel was “a kiss before dying” acted by matt dillon ke sape entah.

      all we (my friends and I) could conclude at the end was “kata “a kiss before dying” tapi banyak je kiss baru mati…”

      hehe. form two…. πŸ˜›

  3. saya only start on tulis camtu masa matriks. rasa best, hantar kat teacher penuh ngan deco cute2. πŸ˜‰

    tp, kat sekolah rendah plak, teacher kenalkan ngan pen pal. so, dapat la sorang pen pal, nak latih english katanya.

    sokong shah sulong, those journal la bleh latih BI. hehe.

    anyway, sungguh x patut kawan u tu. tp, kanak2, what do u expect. ehehe…

    1. buzzy… ya.. memang untuk melatih BI… πŸ˜›

      then again, what do you expect kan? hehe

      mieza… of course la… u were among the bestest friend i’ve got at that time! πŸ˜›

  4. last aku tulis diari masa matriks. aritu terjumpa balik diari tu. tergelak dan tersentuh aku sorg2 bila baca balik apa yg aku penah tulis. macam surreal je.
    lepas tu aku tak tulis diari lagi. aku takut org baca.

  5. saya penah kena tulis macam tu tapi kan, saya tak tulis pun pasal benda-benda yang saya suka. saya selalu tulis pasal perkara-perkara yang saya tak suka.


  6. temauan, haha.
    takut orang baca kan. budak lelaki memang nakal, suka2 baca jurnal/diari orang. πŸ˜›

    kak nana, biasalah. baik macam tu, dari kita duk membebel tak tentu hala, kan?

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