See an old friend.

Basically my weekend involved of me, my rm60(secondhand) L shaped, my remote to my tv and dvd player and the netbook. And my bed.

I slept thru it most of the time. I was sick!

Only on Saturday night I went out for food with azy.

My car was in office as she drove me home on Friday as I couldn’t do anything with myself at the lunchtime. I was crying at the backroom at the 2nd floor, feeling sorry for myself as I was too weak even to think of what to eat that sleeping always seems to be the easiest thing to do. I felt cold, I tried to sleep then azy and aton found me and brought me to mcd drive thru, bought me some bubur ayam mcd then dropped me home.

I went to collect my car on Sunday morning. All thinner. My levi’s became loose. HAHA. It was only last week it was an effort to wear it but yesterday it was an effort to make it stay at the hip, instead. (Even with a belt).

Last night I spent at residence with my best girl since uniyears, Jaja. Thanks to fish, aimi and oren who willingly sent me to her. I was not so confident of driving yet yesterday.

Maybe the night talk was needed, I felt better this morning.

Thanks friends for feeding me and driving me around when I was a whole lot sicker last week.

I hope I am going to be better this week, and ahead!


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

5 thoughts on “See an old friend.”

    1. pakai template je… senang nak tukar. tak perlu setting pelik2.

      mu tau aku tak leh nak tetap kat 1 benda je.

      mu ingat berapa kali mu suh aku beli kasut dan bola boling?

      dah 3 tahun dah kut… aku tak beli2 lagi. aku rasa same goes ngn background blog. tak jumpa lagi yang berkenan.

      relevan tak? :p

  1. dd, looking back to good old time means no harm i guess. :p

    sufi, mu pun lama tak update… alhamdulillah koho sihat doh, amsyar pun harap2 sehat sokmo… 😀

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