As we go on…

Tajuk yang entah ada kaitan ke tak. But, we’ll see as we go along.

Actually I have just met Nana. My old old friend from matriculation. She was my referee when I did my tapisan last 4 years. HAHA. She was my colleague before I went into this service. We worked together at MBO Cinemas. HEHE. MBO Cinemas, have you guys ever heard of it? It was quite famous among celebrities, because no one really went there and it was not so busy, the complex was like dedicated to the cinema. Just the cinema.

Days at the cinemas were among the sweetest days I’ve had in my life. I remembered sitting in my office doing the sudoku on weekdays, because you see, no one really went to the cinemas on weekdays, except during lunch or after work. HEHE. I was the master of sudoku back then.

I was the admin officer while nana was the customer service officer. We worked really good together, but it was a torture anyway because we can’t have break at the same time. HAHA. Anyways, we managed to escape the dinner time on Wednesday because there was a night market at the nearest housing area. HEHE. I forgot what was the name of the taman but I called that place taman dagang anyway. It’s located near the cahaya lrt station.

Then, we would always stay back until midnight, until the cinema shut down. What the hell, we started our work at 12 noon anyway. We could sleep all the way in the morning. I can’t remember the time I paid for movie ticket, hehe. Of course I went for free at that time (and booked the best seat for me. :P).

There were the days when our cinema had been an acting locations. HAHA.

Okay, anyway, as we go on… Nana left the cinema to work at aquaria. She’s always into this entertainment thing. HEHE. I remember there will always an invitation from her, to watch Dayang at Planet (free, I went there anyway) and numerous invitations for AJL which I never went. HUHU.

She is now with BERNAMA and she was here for an interview session with the RSD DG, Dato Suret.

HOH. How I missed our good old time. It’s been 11 years since we’ve known each other and I am looking forward for more great years.

And, anyway, Happy birthday to my best gf, JAJA. We will always be young at heart! 🙂

Cheers to the great friends I have around. You guys know who you are!

p.s : Thanks also for some sharing we did last night at dinner. 🙂 Lama giler tak lepak!!!


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “As we go on…”

  1. It’s located near the cahaya lrt station.

    Taman Dagang belah yg ada pasar malam hari Rabu? Ya, tu namanya Taman Dagang.

    1. sufi…. hehe… lagu tu ni sesuai dih..

      demang… yeah, u re seeing green, for a while…

      dd, penar eh? hahah… jap lagi aku tukar balik… rilek la…

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