So much to tell


I just came back from my hometown. 🙂 What a fantastic feeling, to just spend some quality time with my family, though only half of us were home… 😦 It doesn’t really matter pun because what I really did at home were sleeping, eating and watching tv while my family was away, to work and to school. 😀

I decided to take the bus home and here because I wasn’t really keen on driving alone, furthermore the break was only 3 days, and I am on leave today, to substitute the sleeping time I lost on the bus last night.

I took the bus at 10.40 pm from Kuala Krai and arrived at Putrajaya Sentral at 6.00 am. Oh how I love going around KL in the morning. Thank you pakcik bus for bringing us round. HEHE. It’s the place that of course gonna be busy in like one hour after we passed by, like Greenwood, Gombak, Sentul, PWTC, and Besraya. Yeah, I like being driving around as much as driving myself around. 😛

Now I am at home, just finished dealing some loan, checking account balance, whatnots.  It seems a little late to just started going for asb loan, is it? Anyway, better late than never. 😛 (soothing quote).

I think that’s all. Oh, I’ve got so much pics to upload, but you know I am soooo lazy…. 😀 lalalala

So, just read this through, I know it’s boring, what with the greenery background. 😀

Okay, till we meet again. 🙂


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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