Bangkok, last day.

Finally, it’s already the last day. I’ll be going home tomorrow. Bangkok is nice, the road is clean after 9.00pm… but the stalls are too many, it seems like they are all over the roadside.

The food, is nice especially if you love those spicy tomyam or somtam or just a plain Pattaya fried rice. The crab fried alia had this night is very crabby. It’s delicious!

Alia and I started along the road, to search for the muslim food in empty stomach, however we bumped into too many stall and alia spent so much time shopping while I was looking around and counting the leftover money. HAHA.

We found this cute muslim restaurant belongs to a Bruneian. HE was so nice, talking to us in Malay, and gladly walked us to the main road. Alia and I had wandered around, not knowing what road we were on, because we just walked towards the many stalls. HEHEH. Luckily, Mufid, (the Brunei guy) was glad to help us and he even had showed us the good budget hotels, and gave us his email address , in case we are planning to come back to Bangkok, for vacation maybe. 🙂

Oh, the meeting went fine. I like. 🙂 Even the Japan’s version of English is quite different from what we used to listen to, I think I still can get whatever they’re trying to convey. The meeting involved quite serious discussion from the other ASEAN countries, most of them are the senior officer whom had been in the services and had been following this meeting for quite some time, while I am the newbie. Blurry at first but somehow, I think I could get it through with the help from Alia and Prof.

Yesterday, there was a workshop on safety driving for trucking players, and the importance of eco-friendly driving. It’s not about green car mind you, it’s about how the trucking company could help saving the environment with the right way of fuel usage. 🙂

It’s the logistics workshop. The participants are from the Thais trucking and industry player while the lecturer is Japanese who gave lectures and demonstration in Japan Language and there were we who  didn’t understand neither Thai or Japan. So, yes, we used the receiver and listened to the translator to translate every words into English (complete with the intonation, you!) and the Thai’s translator used the microphone to translate from Japan to Thai. So can you imagine how was the situation? It’s quite havoc actually. HAHA. But we survived and it was indeed quite an experience.


Okay, I had fun here in Bangkok. Thanks for the luck wishes. 🙂

I’ll be here again. InsyaAllah.

p.s : just talked to the Vietnam representative, Mr. Ha and he showed me few places to visit and few nice staying places in HCMC for my next trip. 🙂 He was so kind! 🙂

xoxo from Bangkok.


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

13 thoughts on “Bangkok, last day.”

    1. irises, somtam (tak tau betul tak eja) tu macam kerabu mangga, tapi dia pakai betik muda… sedap dan pedas… (meleleh air liur dah ni)…


    1. era, kat sana ada mall yang dedicated untuk fashion je… macam dekat hotel tempat kami stay tu, depan dia ada platinum fahion mall.

      setiap aras dedicated untuk 1 jenis, like aras 2-3 untuk pakaian dan aksesori, aras 4 untuk kasut dan bag, aras 1 makanan kut…

      aras lain echah tak sempat nak pusing sebab mall dia tutup awal, pukul 7 (pukul 8 malaysia) dah tutup.


      pastu night market pun banyak, macam2 boleh jumpa, dari dvd/cd, perkakas rumah/dapur, toys, baju dan handbags… etc…

    1. agak lah… dah la murah!
      macam-macam pesen, design pulak tu..bleh jadi rambang mata…

      tak puas pusing tau… meeting abis kul 5, mall tutup pukul 7 lebih… (waktu thailand)…. satu aras satu hari… huhu…

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