elley, fairul (husband elley), me, mid, fish, nadya and abang j. pic was taken by abang botak. we went in 4 but made more friends there! 🙂

It has been almost 2 weeks since we came back from HCMC.

Okay here’s the details.

2nd Day

Hopped on a beca. Went around the city. About 3 hours of sight seeing (War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, some temple) and beca riding, we had to fork out quite amount of money. That was the only bad memory which hit us right on the first official day of our trip.

We went to Ben Thant Market after that. Spent so much money there. Anyway, RM was applicable there. So save more USD and dong. And got to know good aunty (mummy) and Tina.

At night we went around to the night market which is situated right in front of our hotel. Spent money. (Of course).

3rd Day

We went to Delta Mekong. Had boat ride. It was a one day trip. And it was fun. We met two Malaysian there and ended up such an addition to our gang. 🙂 It’s easy to make friends there. Lalala.

In this Mekong trip, we had taste the fresh honey, the rice crispies, the tea, everything. And it was good. 🙂

Night is spent having dinner with abang2 dari Malaysia yang kami jumpa pagi tadi, and of course strolling around the night market again. 😛

Fisha, nadya and I decided to check out a water puppet place and took a brief walk to that theater which is only 10 minutes walking from our hotel.

4th Day

We went to Cuchi Tunnel. This one is a wonderful experience. It was the tunnel used by the VC during the war. A must place to visit if you ever be in HCMC.

After Cuchi Tunnel, we went to Ben Thant Market (again!!!) to do more shopping and we made more new friends. :x.

But on this particular night, we went to watch the Water Puppet show. Best. 🙂 dan kelakar.

We had our last supper at V.N Halal. 🙂 Talking and talking and talking 🙂 and after that we made our last round at the night market.

5th day, the last day.

Made the last and final shopping. 🙂 Lunch at V.N Halal. While waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport, we chose to spend our last USD doing some beauty things. 😛

That’s all. HCMC is a good place to go. 😉


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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