I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

the street fair!

Okay, well I am laughing while I am writing this. After series of serious silliness, I decided to give this a go. I’ve got an invitation from Nuffnang regarding this.

Silliness number one, I don’t really sure if this wordpress is on the Nuffnang blog ad list, well I think it is not.

Silliness number 2, I accidentally used to be a regular user of the Gatsby deodorant since the bottle is white and the mode is identified by the dot/rectangle/triangle different colours. I guess the deodorant is dedicated to men? HAHA. It was my sister who introduced me to this deodorant. 😛 And later I successfully influenced my little brother into using this deo as well.

So now the bottle is in though red colour I see.

Silliness number 3, I wrongly replied to the Nuffnang and thinking whow things couldn’t be easier to participate in this event. Yeah, until I received an email from Nuffnang explaining to me in details on how to participate in this event. Which is really cool to have an organizer to patiently explain to me everything lalalala. :p

Okay, enough about me and the silliness.

This event is actually quite an exclusive event, and Nuffnang had been sending invites through email to the members and lucky enough I am the one among them. 😛

This event will be held on 17th April at Berjaya Time Square.

So jom pergi ramai2 dan meriahkan eh! Ada banyak games yang boleh diceburi. Ermmm.. okay I’ll list them down for you guys, (as if all of you wanted to go, lah)

  • spot the deodorant;

  • balloon throwing;

  • rope skipping;

  • bacteria attack;

  • basketball shooting; and

  • catch the germs…

Okay, I won’t disclose the details of the game, why don’t you guys be there and have a good laugh on that day! 😛 And not to mention, there will be a Lucky Draw session too. Though I am hard at being lucky in any lucky draw before I guess if the chance is there, why don’t you give it a go, right?

I know I sound like a teenage here. What the heck kan. Lalala…

p.s : Kalau dapat jumpa Encik Takuya model Gatsby lagi best. HAHA.

9 thoughts on “I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

  1. Huhu ecah kalau btol dia dtg sila lah tangkap gambar dia byk2.
    eh, ini yg gath rahsia sulit 400 tu ke? ke bkn?

  2. oo.. ni projek sulit 400 tu..
    anyway, send my regards to takuya if he’s there 😉
    eh jap, takuya bkn model utk hair wax/clay ke?
    ke dia bolot utk deodorant jg.. hehe..

    1. a ah… tapi post yang betul ialah di my blogspot… saja je letak sekali kat sini…

      takuya model rambut jer… saja… 😛

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