Serious sikit!

Well, I think I had a good conversation last night with girlfriends. A and M.  I think it was a serious discussion, somehow I was surprised at my ability to actually point out some important and accountable views. Friends thought me as a happy go lucky, never too serious girl. I guess I am that, most of the time, but I can be very mean too, in certain circumstances.

It was about love life, married thing.

M initiate the discussion by asking on how could we be sure that that guy, is the one? A is married, so I guess she’s got a lot to share. While, me… I could only think and say what I think about that, from my point of views, which is, ermm influenced by the hopeless romantic mind I have. 😛

I think, at this age, I want to get to know someone better (begin to love/like him more) just because I think he would be the one. I don’t want to waste time fooling around anymore, I am not 22 anymore. I guess I am tired of that, who’s not?  I realized that my “relationship” with a guy whom I like too much before had turned into a comfortable friendship, he is well as a friend, punching bag sometimes, and that’s all. I don’t think we are going anywhere, seriously.  I think I don’t want to go anywhere with him, if you get what I mean.

A nodded at my point. M shrugged.

I am single and I think I am not ready to fall into relationship yet. But who knows, things change. I think love could change anything. I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in love but I don’t know, after a series of broken heart I guess my heart is a bit harder than before. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll fall in love in 20 minutes after I post this. Who knows?

When a guy asked you the big question, (will you marry me? and things like that) I guess you have to be sure what to answer, right? I think he’s pretty sure himself that the odd of you saying yes is like 99%.  He has to completely know you to have the guts of asking you that. I don’t think you would go out with him and send him hint by hint and in the end you turn down his proposal, right?

We (us, girls) should be happy, instead of worrying for unnecessary things. The man we like/love finally makes the move.

At least, that’s what I think. I am a hopeless romantic, bear that in mind.

Eventually, A and M surprised me with this remark, (after I sadly question the situation, why no man wants to date me) they reached this consensus;

“E (my name), you look like you have too many boyfriends, (maybe) that’s why men don’t want to go near you.”

I was like, really?

HMM. 😦

10 thoughts on “Serious sikit!

  1. chah,

    friends (new or old) concluded the same way about me. that i have someone already.

    i mean, did i give the vibe unconsciously?

    the man i like/love would not care about that. if he wants me, he would brave it all.. kan?

    -hopelessly romantic me-

  2. setuju ngan shahsulong 😀
    setuju gak ngan nurnana. coman lah blog yu…
    bas yg dinantikan mungkin rosak ditgh jln. sabar ye tgu, jgn salah naik bas plak. sementara tgu tu, enjoy ur life.

    1. shida, ya, if someone really loves you, he’ll find the way anyway…

      kak nana, thanks thanks 😛

      sufi… hehe.. tima kasih…
      i like ur comment… i couldn’t agree more. 😉

  3. if someone loves you, he’ll find the way. yes. and you should give and show him the way too 🙂
    anyway, just dun worry too much, bila jodoh sudah sampai, everything akan jadi mudah saje, InsyaAllah.

  4. tiap orang ada jodohnya.. lambat atau cepat je.. but don’t fell left alone.. you have your family and friends around you!..

    1. kalau semua orang ada pandangan like en.boss ni kan senang.
      tak payah nak mengadap situasi bila lagi bila lagi dari orang ramai. 🙂

      u have a nice blog en.boss!

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