From Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been asked the same question, again and again.

Why is it Karev? Who is Karev?

So friends, I present you with this. πŸ˜€

Dr. Alex Karev. πŸ˜€

I used to be an avid viewer of Grey’s. If you have been reading this blog since the beginning then you’ll find few entries revolving about that series. I was so perasan I think the story they had in Grey’s was somehow mirroring the life I had at that time.

Tapi disebabkan few reasons, like berpindah randah, (rumah) bertukar housemates, juga waktu siaran Grey’s yang tak tentu, selain dari kekeliruan, Grey’s ada di 107, 708 dan 711, tak termasuk menonton dvd hrm, jadinya episod-episod dan seasons Grey’s Anatomy yang mana sekarang pun I tak tahu.

Seriously, waktu rasmi Grey’s di 711 (yang mana saya terikut sekarang) pun I still confuse. Simply put, kalau buka tv tengok ada, adalah. Kalau tak, tak adalah. Bukan macam dulu. Night activities were easily canceled just because I have to watch Grey’s that night. πŸ˜›

Tapi hari Ahad lepas I sempat tengok Grey’s. Masih lagi menarik macam dulu. Though I am still not sure what is the exact show time on 711. (I guess it’s Star World). Heh.

Nothing to be concluded though, Chief is still with the same attitude. Why is it so hard for him to listen to others’ view. Christina too. While Mer (Meredith Grey) is planning to get married to Derek (finally-though I don’t think it’s anytime sooner) she is still heavily influenced by her friends, Alex (KAREV) and Izzie. And you Alex, why is it so hard to just say what you feel inside for Izzie. It seems like Alex is capable of hurting people, why, when at the same time he is hurting himself. OH. I can’t wait for more. πŸ˜€ Please please Alex and Izzie.

(Anyways, I’ve been reading about some of the character at wiki so I guess I knew how would the story goes but yeah, I would still love to watch it on tivi. πŸ˜‰ )

I love GA. I just drifted away for some time.

Here’s one from GA

Horrible things DO happen. Happiness in the face of all of that? That’s not the goal. Feeling the horrible and knowing that you’re not gonna die from those feelings…that’s the point.

3 thoughts on “From Grey’s Anatomy

  1. ya, ingat lagi Chah selalu post pasal GA. kita sama2 minat GA kan?

    kekadang terasa macam nak apply cuti satu minggu, stay at home dan habiskan semua season GA from start to finish.. ida dah tak follow langsung perkembangan GA..

    miss GA (and you) very much.

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