Is it possible?

Hmm, everything is possible in this world.

  • went, eventually to watch movie alone. I watched Date Night at TGV Jusco Cheras Selatan on Tuesday (ladies day);
  • was driving then suddenly remembered him. Hmm. And it hit me, while I was thinking of him, is it possible for him to still remember me and all the things we’ve shared. Maybe he did remember, maybe he had forgot everything. Well, whatever it is, truth hurts-;
  • parked next to a familiar car yesterday at sports complex. First saw that car when I went there for badminton on Monday. The owner smiled as IĀ  just went out of my car and he just got out from the parking then I smiled back then memorized the first 3 of his plat number. I was praying like “hopefully his car is here today” (yesterday) when I went to park my car there. I didn’t even go for sports pun, I went to foodie instead;
  • House ends with happy ending and a happy song;
  • had nice meeting this morning; and
  • am planning a trip, am not sure how it will go.

Nothing is impossible, eh?


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

7 thoughts on “Is it possible?”

  1. Chah, may we have guts to do more than just smile and nod..

    hoping for a brighter horizon in romantic dept, this year~

    1. haha. masa raya?
      mesti kes malas nak layan orang datang beraya kat rumah. tak pun malas nak pergi beraya ke mana2. ke saja nak abiskan collection duit raya.. haha

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