• If I am in the middle of a meeting, the possibility of me going to the ladies/toilet is quite high. Usually it’s increasing, depends on the hours of the meeting. HEHE. So, the fact that the chairperson never leaves his/her chair for the whole meeting hours, no matter how long never fails to amaze me. Therefore, I come up with these conclusions; i) if I were to chair a meeting, my meeting wouldn’t last more than 2 hours, (hopefully) and ii) I would never make a good chairperson, unless, I were super efficient and my meeting members were all so excellent our meeting would be direct and clear with a consensus at the end and my meeting will take less than 2 hours;
  • I think if I were a student now, I wouldn’t be as good as I was during my study years in Uni, (2001-2004). There was no easy access to Internet back then. Now, I think I am tempted to check my FB notification out, almost once in 30 minutes, except when I was driving, or sleeping, or badmintoning or jogging. (so much or la) . So, if I were a student now, of course… hmmm… you figure it out guys;
  • Oh, I have a lot of things to do in this new unit, and there areΒ  lots of potential of me being a master in this sector but, huhu, could I? So many info to digest. It’s been 5 months since the first day and I think I gain a lot of knowledge and exposure. To move from HR to the industrial sector is quite a challenging step. I wish I would be more hardworking and focus.
  • I think that’s all.

p.s : I thought I might say this to you; you put the beautiful in life.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Realization”

  1. owh..aku time chair meeting..”ada masalah x? kalau xde kite conclude je meeting ni.” hahahaha..sume orang hepi kalau aku yg chair meeting

    1. faruq, tq. huhu.

      fadh, dulu, kalau aku chair meeting memang gitu ja. tapi aku tengok big2 boss yang mempengerusikan meeting berkaitan dgn kerja di unit baru ni, memang akan capai 2 jam. aku wonder, if in future, aku yang jadi chairman, dan semua orang nak bercakap… dengan presentation lagi… wuwuwuw…

  2. that’s the role of the chair. kadang2, the same things keep getting repeated over and over again. chair kena clear apa yang dia nak from the meeting, and cuba keep things dari jadi meleret-leret..

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